Comparison of Analytics Courses in India: Jigsaw Academy and IIM Bangalore

Originally published in Analytics India mag

I recently completed the Advanced analytics program conducted by IIM Bangalore. It is a 1 year course that is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of handling data and Business Analytics’ tools that can be used for fact-based decision-making.

Prior to this course I have done a 3 month course at Jigsaw Academy – The Foundation course in Analytics. This course built my interest in analytics and helped me secure a job with Infosys as a business analyst. I then decided to opt for the IIM Bangalore program with the aim of further establishing myself in this domain.

In the last 12 months, I have received a number of queries for both the courses. Interested people wanted to know how my experience was with Jigsaw Academy as well as IIM Bangalore. I am writing this article to do an honest assessment of the 2 analytics courses I have completed. There are thousands of people looking at analytics as a career option and I hope they find this information useful.

The IIM Bangalore course is extremely useful for anyone entering into the field of business analytics. The knowledge provided by this course is comprehensive and the brand name associated with the institute is unparalleled.

The Jigsaw Academy course, on the other hand, has a much more concentrated approach. It focuses on that 10% of analytics which you need for 90% of the work.

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Comparison of Analytics Courses in India

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