In what was an eventful weekend, the students of the first batch of the Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) formally graduated from the program. Kudos to them all!

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) is a highly specialized learning program for aspiring analytics enthusiasts crafted by Jigsaw Academy and University of Chicago Graham School, with IBM as the corporate partner. Geared towards building an elite bunch of technology professionals in India, this program offers intensive training in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Project Management.

The two day event began with the students presenting their Capstone projects, and in attendance were dignitaries from University of Chicago Graham School, who specially flew down from Chicago, Illinois for the convocation event.  Christopher Guymon – the Interim Dean and Mary Morley Cohen – the Associate Dean, Professional Programs were excited to interact with the students.

Pic 1: Christopher Guymon, Interim Dean, University of Chicago Graham School talks about the access to the alumni network of University of Chicago that PGPDM graduates can avail.

Guest Lectures with Industry Leaders

After the project presentations on Day 1, the students were hosted to interesting talks by some experts. First off, we had Himanshu Misra & Lekha Bhojan from The Math Company who talked about the trends in the analytics space, how to effectively tell a story with data and communicate data science results in the business context. 


Pic 2: Lekha Bhojan addressing the PGPDM Class of 2017


Next up we had Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman, the Chief Data Scientist at TEG Analytics, who spoke to the students about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it could transform analytics industry. Everyone in attendance was highly interested in hearing her speak about the industry and its future.

Pic 3: Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman during her talk with the PGPDM students.




On the second day, we had Johnson Pushpanathan, an industry veteran with 28+ years of experience who walked the students through the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in the real world. This was an insightful and intriguing topic for everyone in attendance, with everyone paying deep attention. 

Pic 4: Johnson Pushpanathan in his address to the students of PGPDM


The next address was by Dr. Angshuman Ghosh, the Lead Data Scientist at Target India. The exciting lecture was about identifying the right role & career path in Data Science and how to get hired for the right job. This was a key talk as the students are now graduating

Pic 5: Dr. Angshuman Ghosh imparting career tips to the PGPDM Graduates


And finally, here is the PGPDM Class of 2017 celebrating their graduation! The students expressed a feeling of exuberance and excitement, as they are now ready to take on the world of data with prowess.

Pic 6: PGPDM students celebrate their graduation and convocation

Quotes From The Event

“The students of PGPDM can now avail the benefit of access to the worldwide alumni network of University of Chicago, which boasts of numerous Nobel laureates, Academy Award winners, and other alumni excelling in different fields.”Christopher Guymon, Interim Dean, University of Chicago Graham School 

“It is great to meet and interact with such a passionate bunch of Data Science graduates. It was indeed an amazing experience presenting to them.”Dr. Angshuman Ghosh, Lead Data Scientist, Target Corporation.

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