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Creating a culture of HR analytics

It is now almost common knowledge that the demand for data analytics is on the rise, as it as has been for the past couple of years. The demand in the past has primarily been from individuals trying to equip themselves with skills to enhance their career opportunities. More recently, however, we have also noticed an encouraging trend among organizations, who are making a concerted effort to upskill their employees in analytics practices.

HR analytics in particular has seen a spike in demand in recent times, as companies have realized its importance, along with the fact that it has been a largely neglected area for a long time. Analytics can be used by HR teams to predict employee attrition, track employee performances, as well as a lot more. As a result, companies are focusing on ensuring their HR teams are equipped with the requisite analytics skills, which can benefit the entire organization in the long run. In keeping with this rise in demand for HR analytics, we at Jigsaw have also begun conducting a number of training sessions with companies across a number of different sectors.

We recently conducted two very successful training sessions, with one of the Big 4 consultancy groups. The response from the employees was very encouraging, as they engaged very freely with the faculty members, through the duration of the short program. One of the highlights was the high rating our faculty received from the learners – 63% of the employees who underwent the training rated the faculty’s knowledge and delivery of the training content as “outstanding”. We are also very confident that these sessions will lay the foundation for the company to improve their HR practices, as well as for the employees to build successful careers going forward.

If you’d like to learn more about the corporate training programs we offer at Jigsaw Academy, you can visit our website here.


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