Placement & Certification

Cyber Security course in Ahmedabad is imparted by Jigsaw Academy with the best in day curriculum and training facilities. The course is backed by a prestigious certification as the academy has collaborated with a prominent name like HackerU, the world’s leading Cyber Security training institute. Being certified by the best, you can be at the in the competition and present yourself to recruiters as the most deserving candidate. Not only is the course and certification designed for your benefit, but Jigsaw Academy also provides its students with complete placement assistance on completion of the program. If you clear the OSCP certification, you will be further eligible for our monetized placement offer. Over the past few years, the students of Jigsaw Academy have found their dream jobs in reputed MNCs of India and abroad.

What you learn:

The Cyber Security Course in Ahmedabad grooms the learners with the latest industry techniques and thus, gets them industry-ready. In order to resolve real-life challenges, the students are trained to study a hacker’s intentions, locate the potential threat areas, and build the immune system. Hands-on CYWAR training, Hackathons, and Bounty Hunting are a part of the course so that the learners get a practical approach to what they are learning. A student of the Cyber Security Course in Ahmedabad will be capable of securing a database with his thorough knowledge of Online Red Team Preparation

  • Cyber Fundamentals
  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Administration
  • Offensive Hacking
  • Applicative Hacking
  • Threat Hunting and Reverse Engineering
  • IoT and New Technologies



Sourav Biswas
Zencode Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Mayur Gade
SOL Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security refers to the protection of internet-connected systems from potential cyber-attacks. As organizations shift to digitized data, it is becoming imperative for them to protect their assets through cybersecurity. Jigsaw Academy provides a top-class Cyber Security Course in Ahmedabad. You will be considered eligible if you have a graduation degree in IT or computer science, or have few years of experience in the relevant field.
According to studies, the Indian market for cyber securities is supposed to grow to a staggering $ 3.05 billion industry by 2022. As all organizations today need to secure their database from increasing instances of cybercrime, they will recruit a huge chunk of talent for the purpose. The Cyber Security course in Ahmedabad does not get any better than the training by Jigsaw academy. With excellent course content, hands-on training, valuable certification, and placement assistance, the students are guided towards the most lucrative and promising career.
Cyber Security in India has a huge potential for growth in the near future. As the skill is more than a necessity today, investments are pouring in for strengthening the domain. Sound knowledge in Cyber Security will be one of the most sought after skills in the decade.
The Cyber Security course in Ahmedabad is conducted through Online training.
The Cyber Security course fees in Ahmedabad start from INR 2,52,000. To know more about the Cyber Security Course in Ahmedabad, reach us at or call us at +91-90199-97000.