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The Cyber Security course in Kanpur from Jigsaw Academy will help students to receive a deeper understanding and develop skills that are popular in this particular field. The program is curated by international industry professionals and also comes with unique modules, which will help in providing an extra edge to their career. The Red Team instructors will teach the candidates about the innovative technologies and frameworks and enable them to understand a hacker's mind. It will allow them to provide a layer of protection to all companies from future threats. Apart from that, the program will also provide the students with a prep program for the OSCP certification exam. Students who clear the OSCP certification exam will be rewarded with a monetized guaranteed placement. However, candidates who are not willing to go for this certification will be provided with a 100% placement assistance through the Cyber Security course in Kanpur.

What you learn:

The Cyber Security course in Kanpur will allow both students and working professionals to learn all the tools and techniques and prepare them to be industry-ready.  The primary goal of the experts is to teach the students the most highly advanced and updated practices and techniques that they need to become successful within the Cyber Security field. Apart from that, the Cyber Security course in Kanpur will also teach topics like:

  • Linux Administration
  • Online Red Team Preparation
  • Threat Hunting and Reverse Engineering
  • Windows Administration
  • Cyber Fundamentals
  • Applicative Hacking
  • IoT and New Technologies
  • Offensive Hacking



Sourav Biswas
Zencode Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Mayur Gade
SOL Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security is termed as a practice of protecting internet-connected systems, which are software, hardware, and mobile devices and data from unwanted malicious and cyberattacks. The Cyber Security course in Kanpur from Jigsaw Academy will provide you with the knowledge, techniques, tools, and skills you need to gain success in the Cyber Security field.  
The field of Cyber Security is to gain plenty of attention as both big and small enterprises are looking for Cyber Security experts to help secure their networks and computer systems. Companies will recruit a massive chunk of experts when they are serious about protecting their online data and network systems. The Cyber Security course in Kanpur will not just provide you with a placement, but will also help you receive blended learning experience along with hands-on practices.
There is a massive growth potential for the Cyber Security field in India. The Cyber Security sector of India will use more advanced technology and methods to protect from cybercrimes and hackers in the coming future.  
The Cyber Security course in Kanpur is conducted through live online sessions.
The fees for the Cyber Security course in Kanpur will depend upon the level of course that you are willing to opt for. To know more about this course, you can get in touch with us through or call us at +91 90199-97000.