Placement & Certification

The online Cyber Security Classes in Mumbai ensure that the students can apply for jobs everywhere in the country with certifications from the most esteemed institutions here. Our Cyber Security courses in Mumbai with placement are in collaboration with HackerU, Israel's leading Cyber Security training provider in offensive technologies. The comprehensive courses will help you gain access to the highly-qualified professionals and Jigsaw Academy will bring you in contact with companies who are looking for cybersecurity interns and employees. Our online Cyber Security Courses in Mumbai with placements is something we try to ensure for all students.

What you learn:

The online Cyber Security Course in Mumbai is designed to develop students’ analytical skills so that they can identify potential security breaches before they occur and develop remedies for them. The practical know-how is combined with theoretical knowledge in the Cyber Security course so that individuals can apply them to protect data and track hackers when required. Here are the core competencies we try to nurture through the courses:

  • Online Red Team Preparation
  • Cyber Fundamentals 
  • Linux Administration 
  • Windows Administration
  • Offensive Hacking 
  • Applicative Hacking 
  • Threat Hunting and Reverse Engineering
  • IoT and New Technologies




Sourav Biswas
Zencode Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Mayur Gade
SOL Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security is the practice of developing code, using devices, and employing software for protecting computers, hand-held devices, networks, and crucial data from getting hacked. It is a responsible job to protect confidential information from going in the wrong hands as it can prove dire for any organization. Various branches that are covered in Jigsaw Academy’s online cybersecurity courses in Mumbai are comprehensive with hands-on learning, real-life scenario simulation practices, and many more activities that help learners get industry-ready. Jigsaw Academy offers Cyber Security Classes in Mumbai online which can be accessed from all parts of the world, at all hours.
Cyber Security professionals are high in demand as more businesses are moving their operations on the web and require experts to protect their data. Over 3.5 million vacancies for such experts are going to hit the job market in 2021 with competitive salaries globally. Jigsaw Academy is offering an online Cyber Security Course in Navi Mumbai as well in other cities to help students benefit from the market boom in the domain.
Opportunities for Cyber Security professionals in India are poised to rise because big tech companies have recently doubled up their team of experts. This is the trend that many others are going to follow because of an increasing threat to online safety.
Joining the Cyber Security Institute in Mumbai can cost you around 3 lacs, depending upon the duration and intensity of the course as well as the certification.
No, Jigsaw Academy only offers a Cyber Security course in Mumbai through its virtual classrooms. You can contact to enquire further about their courses.