Placement & Certification

We entitle ourselves as online educators to bring you closer to your Data Science career with our online training consultations. We take our pride in the rewarded positions of our students in the 21st-century Data Science domain. Our Data Science Ahmedabad courses are affiliated with prestigious institutions like the University of Chicago’s Graham School, MAHE, and NASSCOM. Our online courses assist students to enhance the fundamental Data Science programming skills and acquire a prestigious position in the industry. Our faculties offer integrated training solutions to the ones aiming at holding a respectable position after their placements and internships. We pride our sought-after training results in our students’ dream jobs which they acquired upon the completion of their course studies with us. With our Data Science Training in Ahmedabad, we try to assist our learners in being primed to pursue a wide array of rewarded Data Science jobs.

What you learn:

Our Data Science Ahmedabad training consultations are online-based that focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the statistical concepts such as Bayes, probability, inference, modeling, and more. We put all these elements together and prepare our course studies in multiple contents in the form of videos, cases, and more. The skills you learn from our training programs include:

  • Data Integration
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Data Manipulation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • ML models using Python, R, Tensor Flow, Tableau, and Keras



After spending over 5 years in the field of market research, Harsh realized that he was stuck in a stagnating career path. The realization spurred him to explore other career options. Harsh soon honed in on the field of analytics.

Harsh Gujrathi

Thanks to the new data skills I’ve acquired, I’ve been able to explore new avenues and look for new potential areas of work.

Aadhar Aggarwal

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can enroll in your name for Data Science Training in Ahmedabad.
If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can register with the Data Science Course in Ahmedabad to enhance your skills and become a reputable Data Scientist.
The skills that you need to learn to excel in Data Science are Data Integration, Descriptive Analytics, Data Manipulation, and more.
Jigsaw Academy offers an online Data Science Course in Ahmedabad. If you wish to enroll in in-person classes, you’ll have to be physically present either in Bangalore or Hyderabad.