Careers in Data Science

Reports have indicated that the Data Science industry is going to see its emergence in India by the end of 2020. A total of 1.5 lakhs of new jobs will open to offer job opportunities to candidates. A whopping 62% increase will be witnessed by the end of the year. The current job structure in India enjoys 70% of jobs for Data Scientists. By the end of the year, the industry will improve the scenarios of Data Science in domains like Media, Pharma and Healthcare, Retails, E-commerce, IT, Events, and BFSI. To meet the most recent Data Science trends, Jigsaw Academy’s Data Science Indore team is implementing strategically-advanced Data Science opportunities to help you find a respectable position in the domain. Jigsaw implements the most extensive Data Science online classes that are curated with state-of-the-art strategies. Jigsaw Academy’s online assistance helps students find their bright future in the domain of Data Science. Candidates get to attend online classes and achieve a reputable position in their careers. The training consultations are incorporated with the most state-of-the-art technologies and strategies to broaden your scope of achieving a respectable position in your career. With the best assistance of Data Science Course in Indore, you can acquire posts like: Machine Learning Expert Big Data Analyst Data Scientist Business Analyst Data Visualization Specialist

Our Programs

What you learn:

Jigsaw Academy enjoys a reputable position as one of the leading Data Science institutions certified with industry-best technological revolutions incorporated with customized Data Science trends. Availing our online professional consultations will help you build consistent improvement in your Data Science career. Our Data Science Course in Indore help you learn skills like:

  • Data Integration
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Data Manipulation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • ML models using Python, R, Tensor Flow, Tableau, and Keras
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