The demand for data scientists has skyrocketed in recent years as data science continues to become an integral part of every business. Also known as predictive analytics, data science helps organisations make informed decisions. Data science courses in Hyderabad are quickly becoming very popular due to the mushrooming of data analytics companies whose mission is to solve the challenges faced by organisations worldwide.

Why Learn Data Science?

Data science courses in Hyderabad have become one of the most sought after in the city. To cope with the growing volume of data, data science jobs are being created to handle and interpret large amounts of data and identify trends based on the numbers. It is without a doubt a budding field in data analytics as it is closely linked to digital disruption.

Data Science Course Curriculum

Bridging the gap in the demand and supply of data science jobs, there are several institutes in Hyderabad that offer training in this specialised domain. The curriculum is created keeping in mind recent trends in the industry. Data science courses in Hyderabad mostly include the entire concept of data science life-cycle, such as:

•Data Collection

•Data Extraction

•Data Cleansing

•Data Exploration

•Data Transformation

•Data Mining

•Data Integration

•Creating Prediction models

•Data Visualisation

As part of the course, several skills and tools are also extensively covered. These include Tableau, Spark, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Predictive Modelling, Regression Modelling, Hypothesis Testing, Neural Networks, R Studio, XLMiner, Hadoop, Minitab, and programming languages like R programming and Python.

Why Enrol In Data Science Course?

As digital disruption unsettles many legacy companies, the question to enrol in a data science course seems redundant. It is no longer a question of why to enrol, but rather why not? Digitisation across industries and domains is generating a ton of data, which needs data scientists to evaluate and extract insights. The reasons as to why you should enrol in data science courses include:

•Over one lakh AI and data science jobs have been created, according to NASSCOM.

•The demand for data scientists in India shot up by 417% in 2018, as per the Talent Supply Index.

•It is the best career to pursue, according to Glassdoor 2018 rankings.

 Who Should Enroll for Data Science Course?

Data science courses in Hyderabad can be pursued by candidates across the industry and domain since data science is more than just programming. It is ideal for every IT enthusiast who understands the purpose of saving and troubleshooting data.

A Data science course in Hyderabad is the best fit for the following people:

•Data analysts

•Business analysts

•End users



•IT professionals

There are several institutes offering data science courses in Hyderabad. In most cases, the pre-requisites for enrolling in data science courses include a working knowledge of statistics and probability. Knowledge of Python for data science is also an added advantage.

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