Enabling Women in Analytics: Jigsaw Academy Scholarships

I might sound repetitive and cliched, but Analytics and Data Science are truly the sexiest jobs of the 21st century and offer amazing work life balance. This has been a contributing factor for many women to skill up in analytics and build a career in it.

In our effort to enable more women to enter the field of analytics, we’ve partnered with Women Restart, who help women get back to their careers after a break, to offer a full ride scholarship to one deserving applicant to any course of their choice.

From the many applications we’ve received, the one that stood out was that of Vidya Bensi, and she is the winner of this special scholarship. Team Jigsaw extends you a big congratulations Vidya!

Vidya Bensi: The Journey

Holding a Masters in Software Engineering from the prestigious BITS, Pilani, Vidya has worked at reputed IT companies such as Wipro and IBM. Being in the software domain, learning new skills and technologies has always been part of her professional growth.

She has had experience working on data analysis and data mining, which were of high interest to her. After close to 7 years of work experience, she took a sabbatical and is now looking to get back on the saddle.

She has her eye settled on Big Data and is keenly interested in what the technology can do, both to the world and her career. She understands the importance of Big Data and is looking forward to skill-up and apply her skills in the healthcare sector, which we all know is one of the leading fields to use analytics and Big Data for innovative applications right now. She hopes to be able to derive insights from data and use her newly developed skill in the field of early cancer detection.

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