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Today it’s our pleasure to introduce Sanjiv Jha, a participant of the current Jigsaw Bocconi Executive Program in Business Analytics, who is an MCA and  MBA with 19 years of experience in the IT sector. In this blog post Sanjiv talks about why he joined the program, his experiences with the course so far and how he feels the EPBA will impact his career.

My brush with data began in 2008

In 2008 I got a job with Quattrowireless, a very early mobile advertisement company that had been acquired by Apple. There is where I came to know about Big Data and analytics.  The whole idea was fascinating, more so when I got to see it being practically implemented.

Then in 2013 I joined Komli Media as Director of Engineering Data and Analytics, leading their Data and analytics team for  Data science, Predictive analytics and Machine learning implementations, Campaign optimization and data collection pipeline. I was also responsible for multi TB Hadoop base data storage and making data available for online and offline processing. I worked on different algorithms and predictive models to improve digital campaign performance.

I had solid Data related experience, but nevertheless felt the need to bring structure to my knowledge

Even though I had years of on the job analytics learning, I came to a point where I felt the need to join a more advanced analytics training program. I felt it was important to bring structure to my knowledge and get a recognized certificate from a reputed university that would add credentials to my profile.

And that’s why I chose the Jigsaw Bocconi EPBA

I looked at various other programs, including the one at IIM Bangalore. I found the EPBA to be more relevant to the kind of skills I was looking to develop. I wanted a course which focused less on theoretical concepts and more on practical implementations, a course which does not explain how a model has been derived but what are the pros and cons, how to use them? evaluate them? The EPBA seemed to fit all this criteria and promised to give me enough hands on knowledge, enabling me to judge a model and take decisions using data. Also the certification from Bocconi would really add immense value to my career profile.

The Program so far

Organizations are deploying big data solutions quite aggressively today, but once data is put in place very often there is just not enough knowledge and they do not know what to do with that data. This is where a course like EPBA is very relevant because it teaches us just how to put data in use.

Now that two sets of contact classes are over, I can honestly say that I made a good decision as the value add is very high. Some of the highlights for me are:

The teaching: The teaching is very broad-based and covers some very practical issues.

The content: The content covers a very wide range of topics.

The participants: There is a very good mix of participants from all kinds of background. They bring their experiences into the classroom and this really enhances our learning.

Sanjiv Jha is the VP Architecture at Personagraph. He has over 19 years of experience as a senior techno-manager, developing Big data analytics solutions, machine learning algorithms, BI solutions, high scalable and availability infrastructure for serving web site content and digital advertisement, various high volume and high performance chemical/bio informatics tools and  storage and backup software. He is an experienced leader with a proven track record in Enterprise architecture, software design and development, and process.

For more details on the MISB Bocconi Jigsaw EPBA click here

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