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This program offers comprehensive learning in applying Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to both structured and unstructured data including text, images, audio and video data. After this course, you will be able to select, apply and deploy appropriate Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms depending on the type of problems and data involved. The course provides a substantial intuition of the mathematics behind each of these algorithms, as well as business applications in AI using real life case studies.
Learning Mode:  Online (Self-paced)
Certification Certification:  Jigsaw and IBM
Course Duration:  6 Months
Access Duration:  12 Months

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IBM Certification
IBM Certification
Placement Support
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Online Classes
Online Q&A Sessions
Faculty & Technical Support
Mobile App Access
Case Studies
UChicago Certification
Guaranteed Internships
IOT Hardware Kit
IOT Hardware Kit
In-Person Faculty Support
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Tools & Curriculum Covered

Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools

Feature Engineering for Structured Data

Feature Engineering for Unstructured Data

Case Study - Churn Analysis

Introduction to Classification Trees and Regression Trees

Random Forest and Gradient Boosted Machines

Case Study - Prices of AirBnB Properties in Amsterdam

Memory Based Engines

Model Based Engines: Singular-Value Decomposition (SVD) & Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (NMF)

K - Means

Agglomerate Clustering

Case Study - Image Classification (Retail Data)

Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Network

Recurring Neural Networks (RNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)

Case Study - OCR to Detect Regional Languages

What is BlockChain?

Demystifying Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts

Use Cases Driven by Block chain

Intuitive Examples of AI Applications

How is AI different from ML and DL?

Foundations and History of AI

Different AI categories


Our programs have been designed for all students regardless of any prior knowledge of analytics, statistics or coding. We have had and continue to have many successful students who are from non-IT or non-mathematics backgrounds. But the subject matter is quantitative, and hence a background in maths, statistics or coding is helpful. If you have specific questions regarding eligibility or prerequisites for any program, please contact us at +91 9019217000.

Long term programs are better suited to professionals looking to transition to an entirely new role in data science or machine learning, or those who are looking to start careers in these fields. They are more comprehensive and prepare you a variety of roles in these domains. With this knowledge, professionals will have the flexibility to choose the type of role they move into.

If you are enrolled for any of our in-person classes, you can ask your questions during the live sessions. For online learning, you can reach our faculty through email, call, chat (Google hangouts) or ask via the forum. Once the course is over, you can still get in touch with us via email.

We have a strong network in the field of analytics. We are constantly in touch with various companies for their hiring and training needs. We identify the right opportunities for our students and help them get in touch with the relevant HR teams.

Success Stories & Placements

Success Stories

"Kanav, an IT professional, switched to analytics, and gained a HUGE salary hike in six months  After working for over two years as a data test engineer with a leading software MNC, Kanav decided ..."

Kanav Nayyar

Founder, Data Analyst, Leading Analytics Company