Man has always been fascinated by science-fiction, attempting to recreate some of the wildest tech imaginations. Robots, intelligent machines, advanced software, artificial intelligence and neural networks have been result of the fascination and today, we’re at a stage where all these are becoming a reality. From just a vision to actual advancements, we’ve come a long way. Today, artificial intelligence is a fascinating wing of science and technology that is slowly shaping our future.

If you didn’t know, advanced machines and devices with autonomous decision-making abilities have already made their way into reality. Amazon has been a pioneer in introducing automated machines and their innovations have been quite surreal. The Amazon Go store that attempts to bridge the gap between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores, advanced supply-chain management systems, delivery drones are all examples of their baby steps towards advanced artificial intelligence.

Besides, we also have smart homes, self-driving cars, facial recognition systems and more are gradually bringing in convenience in our lives.Besides, the onset of Big Data and Machine Learning is also complementing the evolution of artificial intelligence, allowing machines to become smarter in terms of grasping things, understanding patterns, learning trends, and coming up with better and informed solutions. Your music apps, shopping carts on online shopping websites, virtual personal assistants are examples of simple Machine Learning applications.

However, we believe that the future is going to be more epic when artificial intelligence will have taken its full shape. We anticipate the future of artificial intelligence will be nothing less than the best sci-fi movies. To paint a better picture in your mind, here’s the future of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Transportation: We’ve already heard, read and seen enough about self-driving cars. With tech mammoths like Tesla, Google, Uber and more getting hands on with self-driving cars, we have already witnessed the first step towards automated transportation. While some failed, some experiments succeeded, the takeaway here is that self-driving cars are real. In future, the technology will evolve and we will see in our roads replicas from Back to the Future, where transportations like public buses, cabs, and even private vehicles will go driverless and on autopilot. With more precision, smart vehicles will take over the roads and pave way for safer, faster and economical transport systems.

Robots into Risky Jobs: Today, some of the most dangerous jobs are done by humans. Right from cleaning sewage to fighting fire and diffusing bombs, it’s we who get down, get our hands dirty and risk our lives. The number of human lives we lose is also very high in these processes. In the near future, we can expect machines or robots to take care of them. As artificial intelligence evolves and smarter robots roll out, we can see them replacing humans at some of the riskiest jobs in the world. That’s the only time we expect automation to take away jobs.

Personal Assistants: Virtual assistants are already there and some of us would’ve used them. However, as the technology grows, we can expect them to act as personal assistants and emote like humans. With artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks, it’s highly possible that we can make robots emote and make them assistants. They could be used in tons of different purposes such as in hospitality industry, day care centers, elder care, in clerical jobs and more.

Climate Change and other Crucial Concerns: Data is one of the most powerful things currently. As humans, one reason we’re not able to do anything about climate change is due to the lack of awareness of the current condition and its consequences. We also have limited knowledge on the impact little changes and actions in our everyday life could have on climate change. With machines, it’s not the case. As IoT evolves and cities become smart with automated utility equipment, houses and more, we can significantly curtail the damage we cause every day.

All these might sound far-fledged and distant but you wouldn’t believe if we said that intense works on artificial intelligence have already begun and the days aren’t far where we could see the first prototype of super-smart robots roll out. Machines, with their access to data and precision, can make the world a better place. What do you think?

What do you think?

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