Heritage Analytics Competition

We recently announced the launch of the Heritage Provider Network’s  $3 million analytics competition. The company has released more details about the competition since then.

The competition runs for two years and offers a US $3 million Grand Prize, as well as six Milestone Prizes totalling $230,000, which are awarded in varying amounts at three designated intervals during the Competition. The goal of the prize is to develop a predictive algorithm that can identify patients who will be admitted to the hospital within the next year, using historical claims data.


The first dataset has already been released and is available at the site for download. The second set will be released on May 4 and the next one on June 4. Registrations for the competition are open till October 4.

Other Analytics competitions

, Heritage Analytics Competition
Taken from the New York Times website

This is not the first competition of this kind. Netflix, the online movie rental company, launched a similar competition in 2006. The competition ran for 3 years and the winning team took away a million dollars. Netflix later described the competition as a big success and launched another competition soon after.

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Heritage Analytics Competition

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