How Jigsaw Academy leverages technology in data science training

At Jigsaw Academy, we aim to provide the best training in the field of analytics and data science. And for this we leverage technology extensively.

There are a number of ways technology helps us improve the learning experience.

Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms allow us to bring the class to your home. It eliminates travel time. It also removes geographical constraints. A class at Jigsaw Academy could have students from 6 different continents and could be taught by 2 instructors from 2 different countries – the virtual classroom bringing everyone together. We are able to get the best industry experts from around the globe to share their knowledge with learners from all over the world. The virtual classroom is a great boon that has removed all geographical constraints to learning.

An additional benefit of the virtual classroom is its ability to record all lectures so that students can view them at any time. You will never miss a class again.

Virtual Lab

Tools play an important role in analytics and most training involves the use of one. The virtual lab allows students to learn the tools by working on them from the convenience of their home. The virtual lab is an extension of the virtual classroom, removing geographical barriers.

Learning Centre

At Jigsaw Academy we believe that god trainings are laser-focused. At the same time, they should equip the students for continued learning. Our trainings come with a lot of supplementary aids in the form of video lectures (by our faculty), e-books, white papers and a list of online resources. Technology helps us share this huge amount of information in an efficient and convenient manner with our students via the student area on our website. This part of the site is accessible only to our students.

There is no arguing that technology will play a major role in shaping the future of education. It will make education more accessible and convenient. At Jigsaw Academy, we are tremendously excited about this and we will continue to leverage the latest in technology to provide the best possible learning experience.

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