How Jigsaw Alumni Are Hacking Their Way to Excellence in Analytics

The road to mastering any skill is long and requires a large amount of learning and effort. This is no different when it comes to data analytics. Once you have completed a course in any specific analytical skill, it’s essential to keep testing your newly acquired abilities in any way that you can. As a few of our Jigsaw alumni recently discovered, entering a Hackathon is an excellent way to do this.

A team representing Jigsaw Academy recently participated in an event organized by PayPal in Chennai. They made it to the top 3 and their work was universally praised by the entire panel of judges. The team consisted of 5 of our alumni – Anupama Rathore, Harsh Gujrathi, Meghashree R, Jai Naik and Roshan Malewar. The preliminary task was for the team to create a fintech solution that could have viable, real-world applications.

, How Jigsaw Alumni Are Hacking Their Way to Excellence in Analytics“We decided to tap into our collective AI expertise and create something that could be beneficial to women entrepreneurs everywhere,” shares Anupama. “We developed an algorithm covering 3 different touchpoints to come up with the solution. Once we were selected for the final round, we all traveled to Chennai, where we had to devise a business plan within 3 days. We also had to build a presentation explaining our process and highlight the resources, time and money we’d need to actually build the product.”

While this was the first hackathon for all five of them, they gelled instantly and were able to work well together. Anupama says that the training they received at Jigsaw played a big role in this, as they all had similar context on how to use the technology and that helped them move in the right direction.

“We also had a lot of help from the mentors at the event as well as the Jigsaw faculty. We were able to get access to dummy data sets to show how the algorithm would work in real life and this hugely helped with our presentation.”

By the end of it, the team had built a viable and highly useful product and this was definitely noticed by the panel of judges as well. “We were even approached by a couple of VCs present at the venue,” said Anupama.

“They could see the potential of what we’d built and were willing to talk business if we wanted to take it live and release it for the general public.”

At the end of the day, the competition was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. All five members of the team were able to put their newfound expertise to the test and they emerged with flying colours. In fact, they are already looking forward to taking part in more similar contests together. And if they do, we’ll be sharing all the details with you, so watch this space!

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