How Jigsawite Amit Kumar Reinvented his Career- From Finance to Data Analytics

We always love to hear from our students and when it’s to let us know that they have successfully landed a dream job, the pleasure is even greater. A few weeks back our co founder Sarita Digumarti received an email from Amit Kumar saying,


“It really gives me great pleasure to inform you that, I got the opportunity to work with Tata Teleservices Ltd., in their Marketing Analytics core modeling team. I am really very thankful to you ma’am. You supported me unconditionally, and taught me everything, which helped me achieve what I have today. Before the interview, I just revised the modeling fundamentals that you had taught us and this was quite sufficient to clear the 3 rounds of technical interview in modeling. Ma’am, I would like to say, that the credit for my success goes to you and Jigsaw. I am very fortunate that, my career in analytics has been shaped under your guidance. For me, you are a true mentor.”

Congrats Amit. We are proud of you indeed! Remember this is just the start of a great career. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Amit is a Production Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Surat. After graduation, he worked for four years in Investment banking in ICICI Bank Mumbai.  “Being an engineering graduate, it was not easy for me to breathe in the finance ecosystem. I felt like I needed a change and decided to re invent my career.” Amit says.

What Amit was looking for, was a job that would steer him along a secure and fast career path, as well as work which would keep him motivated and happy. At first, the obvious choice was an MBA, but somehow this did not appeal to him. Through friends & Google career research, he discovered analytics and found it a fascinating field, one that he felt would be challenging and interesting and most importantly he felt that his skills could be transferrable here.

The decision made, he enroled to do his Post Graduation(PGPBA) from Praxis Business School, Kolkata. He took a chance at re inventing his career and thus began his journey into analytics. Here is what Amit had to say about his experiences getting into the analytics field.

“After my PG in Business analytics, I was still not very confident about cracking interviews, where my SAS & Statistical Knowledge would be tested. It was a painful time and the insecurity of remaining unplaced, as well as the job hunting process as an analytics fresher was very stressful. I had never imagined, my career & confidence will be stumbled. And then Jigsaw came to my rescue. I had been in touch with Gaurav and Sarita, the Jigsaw co founders and they helped me to understand that, I had made the right career decision for analytics and boosted my confidence like a mentor. I decided to enrol for Jigsaw’s Foundation Course in Analytics to learn & integrate all my fundamental knowledge about SAS and Statistics.

This was a decision well made. The faculty at Jigsaw, especially Sarita Ma’am helped me unconditionally. I called her hundred times to clear my doubts and every time she stood by my side to help me. Her classes are an extremely good learning platform, where she continuously brings in her very rich experience in analytics.

In the virtual classroom, Sarita ma’am, Mr. Gaurav and Ms. Abhirami  used to share many of their experiences about analytics jobs & how to handle the interviews. The course really firmed up my fundamentals and the class videos really helped me in my interview preparation. Thanks to the Jigsaw placement team as well. They regularly shared our resumes with alot of companies even after the completion of our course, and their placements updates were also very useful.

The future of data is Massive. The industry definitely needs lots of skilled people in this field. For all of you looking to perk up your careers, I would suggest you explore the analytics field and look at how you can pick up the analytics skills in demand.”

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