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Analytics has now become a critical competitive advantage for companies, regardless of their industry or scale. We have the right course for your desired path of learning - whatever be your education and industry experience.


The CATALYST approach is Jigsaw Academy's unique training methodology that enhances your career growth after studying at Jigsaw Academy. This methodology gives you everything you need to grow as a skilled professional. Each letter in CATALYST illustrates a unique benefit available only at Jigsaw Academy:

  • CCase Study Workshop

    Get access to case study workshops. Apply your knowledge to solve tough, practical problems with the guidance of a mentor.

  • AActual Experience

    Gain practical, valid experience via industry powered contests.

  • TTwice the Learning

    Learn twice as much - experts from both academia and the industry are heavily involved in your curriculum, as well as at live interaction sessions.

  • AAugmented Education

    Get more than just training videos. Qualify to work on live projects, a state of the art lab and industry connect webinars which enable you to learn.

  • LLive Exposure

    Nothing beats on the job training - qualify and get involved in internships for live exposure.

  • YYour Pace, Your Place

    Learn with a customised system that enables you to study at your own pace, wherever you are, whenever you want.

  • SSuperior Content

    Partner with Jigsaw, a niche analytics training provider. The focus of Jigsaw's resources and energy is in consistently building the best analytics training content in the market.

  • TTrusted

    On board with India's no.1 Analytics Training Institute - with over 40,000 students who have been proof of this.


Learn with industry experts and with real industry data

Our online course content is developed by analytics experts from around the world and taught by well-qualified faculty with extensive experience in their respective domains.

Gaurav VohraCo-founder, Jigsaw Academy

Gaurav has over 18 years of experience in the field of analytics and has worked across multiple verticals including financial services, retail, FMCG, telecom, pharmaceuticals and leisure industries.

Sarita DigumartiCo-founder, Jigsaw Academy, Jigsaw Academy

Sarita has over 18 years of extensive analytics and consulting experience across diverse domains including retail, health-care and financial services.

Neha ShitutAdvanced Analytics ML expert

Neha is an advanced Analytics ML expert with diverse professional analytics experiences. She has spent 6 years working with Genpact in Retail Analytics primarily and last 5 years she has been teaching Data Science in R, Python and SAS. A

Direct access to faculty over Q&A sessions, email, phone or chat


Become a certified analyst and get your dream job

You become a certified analyst once you complete your course. You are then industry-ready and stand to bag the job you always dreamed of.

  • Industry requirement oriented training
  • Resume review services
  • Mock interview services
  • Job postings access on the Jigsaw Learning Center
  • Access to Jigsaw’s alumni network

Are you ready to build your own career?


Additional Support
Additional Support

If you have any doubts, Jigsaw Faculty are just an email, phone call or chat away. We host additional online Q&A webinar sessions for every batch on topics of interest.

Blended training
Blended training

Our unique blended training lets you get the best of both Self-Paced and In-Person Training.

Career Counseling
Career Counseling

Avail professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation and identification of relevant opportunities, for the analytics field.

Class Hours
Class Hours

Around 500 hours of content, 120 hours of in-person training, 300+ hours of recorded sessions

Access to Jigsaw Lab
Access to Jigsaw Lab

Get access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools. The access tools include SAS, R, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoop etc.