In conversation with the Winners of the Jigsaw Mortgage Dex Data Analysis Competition

At Jigsaw, we always strive to provide our students with relevant information, industry expertise and real-time work-experience to ensure that they are always ahead and the best at what they do: Analysing Data. In this spirit, here’s a conversation with Shyam Anadkat, Parindsheel Dhillon and Balaji Athreya about their recent win in the Jigsaw Mortgage Dex Data Analysis Competition; their journey, their experience and their winning edge.

The Jigsaw Mortgage Dex Data Analysis Competition was a data analytics competition in collaboration with Mortgage Dex, a firm that examines and researches real estate trends, policy & financial implications on mortgages, to help strengthen the students’ skills in data exploration, analysis and visualization. The objective of the contest was to recommend a good place/zip code to buy property based on the data at hand and was aimed at helping students strengthen their skills in data exploration, analysis and visualization.

First off , let’s meet our winners…


Finalist 1: Shyam Anadkat is a graduate in Information Technology with over 6 years of work experience in Business Intelligence. A go-getter in every sense, Shyam is enrolled in the foundation course at Jigsaw and is also currently pursuing a Post Graduation in Business Analytics and Statistics from Great Lakes Institute of Management. He is currently employed with L& T Infotech.

Finalist 2: Parindsheel Dhillon has a Masters in Business Administration along with an engineering background. With over 7 years of work experience, he has honed his skills in the online retail as well as the pharmaceutical sector before opting to enhance his career with Jigsaw’s Data Scientist Certification.


Finalist 3: Balaji Athreya currently works at Harland Clarke Holdings as Associate Manager-Analytics and has been in the field of Information Technology for a staggering 11 years. He has a BE in Instrumentation and has completed the foundation course in analytics at Jigsaw!

“In the business world, I am a storyteller, because the greatest task of data analytics is visualising all that real data into something beautiful, like a well-crafted story.”

Words well-spoken by Shyam Anadkat, the First Finalist of the Jigsaw Mortgage Dex Data Analysis Competition. Shyam appreciates the importance of participating in live projects and the power of research and visualization in data analytics. “Working on live data is a whole lot different than just attending lectures and submitting assignments. It’s about tapping into the technical and functional aspects of analytics and implementing them soundly.”

Parindsheel Dhillon, the first runner-up of the competition shares Shyam’s views on the importance of gaining hands-on experience. “I love competitions which allow work with real data because this exponentially increases my chances of getting a better position in the industry. I now know the importance each variable plays in business decisions, and that is only because of datasets.” Parindsheel also stressed on the need for students to get their ‘hands dirty’ by pre-processing data thoroughly before advancing to data modelling.

The competition gave the participants perspective into the process and the typical model of functioning in analytics. Parindsheel adds, “Data analysis is an iterative process, where the validity of your analysis is only as good as the previous step. So from industry knowledge and data cleaning to implementation and the final presentation, it’s all about trying the right combinations till you get a good result. And this was something I learnt while working on the live project.”

The second runner-up of the competition, Balaji Athreya also highlighted that working on real data taught him how to approach a business problem and time himself efficiently through the project. “Understanding the why’s and the how-to’s while working in analytics are critical and with the right guidance and methodology it becomes easier. This is why I am so glad I opted to do a course on Analytics. It enhanced my understanding of my own field and the potential to do better with the same set of circumstances.”

When quizzed about what helped them while they worked on the project, all three finalists were equivocal about their reliance on Jigsaw’s online videos and tutorials and the guidance of their Jigsaw mentors. They also recommended industry specific forums and guides such as Statistics for Business and Economics by Anderson & Sweeny. However, Shyam articulated it excellently when he said, “The amount of time you spend on solving problems from books doesn’t really matter because it will not give you confidence. Case studies and live projects are the place to really learn analytics. Aspirants have to be open to learning from any source; a job, a project, online blogs and discussion forums.”

Congrats once again and thank you Shyam, Parindsheel and Balaji for making us proud. With strong course syllabi, online tutorials and industry-relevant opportunities, Jigsaw is ecstatic to have been able to guide you along your analytics journey. We are glad to see that our endeavours to help our students practice on real life data is helping students gain confidence and get a firmer footing in the analytics industry.

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And the Winners of the Jigsaw Mortgage Dex Data Analysis Competition Are…

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