Industry 4.0 – A Talent Perspective

The era of data and connected systems is the new age of industrial revolution, what’s commonly being called as the Industry 4.0.

Since 2014, real time, self optimizing connected systems have been at the threshold of revolutionizing technology. Going further, Industry 4.0 will be the guiding principal for every business. But like with every revolution, finding the right talent is pertinent.

In a recent whitepaper by  John Irudayaraj, Managing Partner at Rinalytics Advisors, he explores the the Industry 4.0 talent scenario in India.

Below is the abstract of the whitepaper:

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has always strived towards bringing efficiency and cost optimization to the production environment. Electricity, assembly lines and programmable logic controllers have been important steps in this direction. However, with a rising competition in the global market; a rush towards more efficient production, faster delivery and lesser downtime have outdated the technologies which served us reliably in the past.

In this paper, we examine industry 4.0; the science and technology behind smart factories with artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, internet of things and cloud computing at its core. Also, a larger problem is in finding the right talent to provide, consult and set up industry 4.0 solutions for organizations to create value.

You can find access to the full report here.

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