Program Overview


Take your career to the next level with specialized business analytics courses like the Integrated Program in Business Analytics. The Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) is an IIM Business Analytics program and blends traditional management principles with cutting-edge technology coverage. IIM-Indore’s business analytics course includes a comprehensive education in data science, business analytics, visualization, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

With a constant demand and an ever-increasing focus on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on the data and statistical analysis, business analytics online courses are getting popular day-by-day in the industry.


IIM-Indore’s 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy, is a first of its kind initiative. This learning partnership brings the working professionals an unparalleled flexible learning experience. This 10-month long business analytics training has been carefully designed with extensive live online classes and a comprehensive study of topics like Data Science, Statistical Modeling, Business Analytics, Visualization, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


For working professionals who are interested in building careers in data science with a strong background and context in business, the IPBA, an IIM business analytics course, equips you with a fundamental understanding of both. They will also get a great opportunity to learn from award-winning faculty from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy, interact with business leaders and benefit from the IIM network. The program includes hands-on learning with industry projects and real-world networking with business leaders. Since the classes are online, you can register for this program from anywhere in the world.

This program will be directed by IIM Indore, in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy, India’s top-ranked institute for analytics and data science.

Why a Certificate Programme in Business Analytics?

The business analytics certification courses are very important for professionals who are interested in building careers in data science with a strong background and context in business. Jigsaw Academy and IIM-Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics offers a strong foundation for learning in both areas.

Jigsaw Academy

Understand how data is used to power business decisions

Jigsaw Academy

Learn from award-winning faculty from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy

On-campus learning experience at IIM Indore

Jigsaw Academy

Interact with business leaders and benefit from the IIM network

Jigsaw Academy

Work with complex data sets using R & Python

Jigsaw Academy

Build expertise in data science, Big Data and machine learning


The program comprises of 120 hours of training via live online classes, online assignment-solving and Q&A sessions that can be accessed from anywhere in India or the world.

  • Weekend live online classes, Q&A sessions and assignment sessions
  • Delivered by IIM faculty and Jigsaw Academy faculty and industry SMEs
  • Recordings of live classes will be available for reference
  • eLearning content in the form of videos, reading material and assessments
  • Practice assignments and code samples
  • Extra material covering functional expertise on “one of” Marketing Analytics, Financial Services Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, HR Analytics, Web and Social Media Analytics
  • Learning Centre access for 22 months
  • Capstone project with Industry data
  • 100+ hours of graded and practice assignments

IIM - Indore Certificate

Established in 1996, Indian Institute of Management Indore has been a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government and PSUs. It is promoted and nurtured by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and is an institute of national importance under the Indian Institutes of Management Act 2017.

IIM Indore seeks to be a contextually-relevant business school with world-class academic standards that develops socially-conscious managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

In recent times, IIM Indore has bagged the Fifth Rank (5th Rank) in the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) announced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India on April 08, 2019.



The IPBA is a comprehensive online program covering technical and business aspects of the application of analytics and data science. The business analytics course details begin with laying a strong foundation of essential tools and techniques including descriptive and inferential statistics, data extraction & manipulation with SQL, data manipulation and processing with Python & R, and data visualization with Tableau.

Through Tableau’s Global Academic Program, students will also have access to the cutting-edge visual analytics software for free while enrolled in the program for study and practice purposes.

The bulk of the program builds on this foundation by extending the analysis capabilities to predictive models using statistical modeling and machine learning. It also covers data types that are both traditional and structured and turns them into more unstructured types, including text and images.

Jigsaw Academy Data Handling and Extraction with SQL and Python
Jigsaw Academy Data Visualization with Tableau and Python
Jigsaw Academy Statistical Data Analysis with Excel, Python & R
Jigsaw Academy Feature Engineering with Python for Structured and Unstructured Data Types
Jigsaw Academy Predictive Statistical Modelling Algorithms
Jigsaw Academy Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models on Text and Images
Jigsaw Academy Implementing Algorithms at Scale with Big Data Systems
Jigsaw Academy Generating Business Values and Effective Storytelling
  • Introduction to Analytics and CRISP DM
  • Data Collection and Biases
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Data Manipulation
  • Pandas
  • Seaborn and MatPlotLib
  • Probability Distributions and Sampling Theory
  • DOE and Hypothesis Tests – AB tests
  • Hypothesis Tests – Chi Square, ANOVA
  • Confidence Intervals and Power
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
  • SQL Servers as Data Sources
  • Data Normalization and Consequences
  • Basic SQL DML Queries
  • SQL Joins
  • Data Exploration – Sanity Checks
  • Preparing Data Quality Reports
  • Data Preparation -Outliers and Missing Value Treatments
  • Variable Profiling Using Information Value
  • Linear Regression – BLUE Estimators and Interpreting Model Results
  • Linear Regression – Checking Model Assumptions and Improving Models
  • Logistic Regression – Logistic Cost Function and Interpreting Model Results
  • Logistic Regression – Measuring Classification Performance – AUC, ROC, Confusion Matrix
  • Poisson Regressions – Cost Function, Overdispersion and Zero Inflation
  • Poisson regression – Interpreting Model Results
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Tree Models – Regression Trees and Classification Trees
  • Feature Importance
  • Purity Measures – GINI
  • Purity Measures – Entropy MSE
  • Building and Pruning Trees
  • Ensemble Methods – Bagged Ensembles
  • Ensemble Methods – Random Forests
  • Ensemble Methods – Gradient Boosting – Xg Boost
  • Clustering – K Means and Hierarchical Models
  • Handling text data
  • Handling image data
  • NLP
  • Introduction to Big Data Ecosystem
  • Hadoop and HDFS
  • Querying with Hive
  • Data Engineering Case Study
  • Introduction to Spark
  • Spark Streaming
  • PySPark
  • ML with Spark Case Studies
  • Basics of Data Visualization
  • Models to Value
  • Pitfalls of Predictive Models in Business
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Using Github and Kaggle to Build an Analytics Profile
  • Industry Project

Want to know more? Download the IPBA Course Outline


All IPBA students will be mandatorily required to complete an industry project that will feature actual real-life business problems. They will have to liaison with an industry representative and work with a faculty-in-charge and present their findings based on the requirement from the company. The culmination of the industry project will be class project presentations that will be evaluated and the scores will be taken into account before the final certification.



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The faculty for the IPBA consisting of expert professors from IIM Indore and the experienced professionals from Jigsaw Academy are truly world class with vast experience in the business analytics domain.


Business Analytics Course With Placement

The data science & analytics industry is one of the fastest-growing, estimated at $2.71 billion in annual revenues and the outlook is also positive, with an impressive growth rate of 33.5% CAGR.

Today, it is estimated a whopping 50,000 machine learning and data science jobs are unfilled and there are yet around 39,000 new analytics jobs that will open up just in India by 2020.  Our business analytics course with placement assistance helps learners in grabbing this opportunity and building a successful career in this domain.

For more details about the analytics industry, download our analytics industry report.


As an IIM Indore program, students will be encouraged to elect and form a placement committee from amongst themselves. The placement committee is involved in facilitating placements. It does so by assisting recruiters to make appropriate hiring decisions and at the same time supporting the participants to make strategic career decisions. Students will be free to circulate relevant profiles amongst companies in IIM Indore’s and Jigsaw Academy’s networks of companies using their IIM Indore student credentials.

Please Note – There is a nominal fee of INR 1000 that will be charged only onetime by IIM Indore at the end of the program for lifetime access to get all the benefits as an IIM alumnus.

The program extends ‘recruitment-readiness’ assistance to all students, including:

  • Preparatory interviews with industry professionals
  • Networking events at IIM Indore
  • Industry guest lectures
  • Analytics question bank
  • Resume assistance

Note: For students with more than 5+ years of experience, it will be more relevant to identify opportunities that leverage their past domain experience and look at transitioning into a full-time data science profile over a longer period of time.


IIM Indore students currently work at some of India’s largest companies and start-ups. Here is a sample list of recruiters.



Application & Interview
To start the application process, students will need to submit their application online along with the payment of an application fee. All valid applications will need to include a:

  • CAT score OR
  • GMAT score OR
  • GRE score OR
  • Jigsaw Administered Test score

Note: Jigsaw Administered Test is a test based on GMAT/CAT pattern which would cover quantitative ability, logical reasoning and data sufficiency questions. The test contains 15 questions with a time duration of 30 minutes and would be conducted through an online test platform. The test instructions would be shared with all applicants.

A telephone interview will follow once an application has been deemed successful. All candidates will be evaluated on an individual basis and only selected candidates will be emailed the offer letter. Admissions and interviews are being conducted on a rolling basis.

Selection and Registration for the program:

After the interviews are conducted, all the selected candidates will be sent provisional admission offers which can only be deemed accepted by the candidate if the institute receives an acceptance letter along with a payment of commitment fee of INR 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) plus Applicable Tax within the stipulated time period mentioned in the offer letter.

Admission Criteria

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) has the following eligibility criteria:

  1. 50% in Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any discipline.
  2. A valid GMAT / CAT / GRE / Jigsaw Administered Test score. The score should be within 05 years on the date of submission of application. For example, a candidate submitting application on 10 October 2018, should have taken the GMAT test between 11 October 2013 to 10 October 2018.

The program is open to all nationalities.


  • Tuition Fees: INR 2.95 Lakhs + applicable taxes / $ 6,000
  • The payment of the program fee is applicable through a Cheque, DD, Net Banking, Credit or Debit Cards
  • For information on easy payments please contact our admissions office at +91  90192 17000


The Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) has the following eligibility criteria:

  1. 50% in Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any discipline.
  2. A valid GMAT / CAT / Jigsaw Administered Test score. The score should be within 05 years on the date of submission of application. For example, a candidate submitting application on 10 October 2018, should have taken the GMAT test between 11 October 2013 to 10 October 2018.

The program is open to all nationalities.

Please look at the Admissions section on this page for details.

This business analytics program is spread over ten months.

The application fees and payments are non-refundable. In case of extenuating circumstances, a transfer to the next batch is possible however a batch change fee will be applicable. This transfer will be approved in genuine cases only.

Please look at the Placements section on this page for details.

Yes, we have tie-ups with established financial institutions in case students wish to opt for an education loan to finance the program fees. However the loan disbursal and offers are from our loan partners and are dependent on your credit rating and details. Please contact us for details.

Yes, IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy will have knowledge and corporate partners who will play an active role in the exposition of the curriculum, learning interventions and in networking.

Yes, you need your own laptop. The technology requirement shall be shared at the time of enrolment.

The certification in business analytics is awarded by IIM Indore.

Except for the PGP-MX, all of IIM Indore’s executive offerings are certification programs. IPBA is a certification program in business analytics from IIM Indore in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy. Students would be awarded a certificate from IIM Indore after the successful completion of the program. Moreover, all IPBA students would get a lifetime alumni access to IIM Indore alumni network.

Yes, part of the online classes and the in-person sessions would be taught by IIM Indore faculty.

All the requisite learning materials will be provided online through the Learning Management System. You are free to purchase any reference books or material as may be recommended by the faculty.

The learning material i.e. lectures and reading content would be available to you for 12 months after the course ends (in addition to the course duration which is 10-11 months).

We accept corporate sponsorships and can assist you with the process. Please contact us for details.

The students work on a Capstone project with Industry data. The projects test the students in data science and business analytics, Big Data, and techniques including machine learning and predictive analytics. Students teams will have a faculty mentor who will guide them through the project and a contact within the company who will provide the business context. 

The projects can be either :

  1. Problem Definition – Based on data cleaning and data manipulation
  2. Presentation of Findings – Based on problem definition and data provided by company

To be eligible for certification, students will need to pass all module-level assessments with a minimum 50% score, and additionally a 50% score in the project. The assessment process will include vivas.

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics is one of the best business analytics courses and creates a career opportunity where data helps to make business decisions. The learner gains expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data. The IPBA covers a broad spectrum from extracting data, data visualization, analyzing data, modelling algorithms and implementing algorithms with the help of relevant tools required to perform the aforesaid activities.
If you are a professional with 2 or more years of experience, prospects are high as we assist you in terms of placement while helping you prepare for potential job roles such as Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, MIS Reporting Executive, to name but a few.

Enrolled learners will be provided with one email ID during the course, which expires once the program gets over. However, if a learner has opted for IIM-I Alumni status, they will receive another email ID which will give them lifetime access after successful completion of the program.

If you’ve opted for the alumni association with IIM-I, the new email ID (with lifetime access) will be shared with you post successful program completion. Please note that this may take some time, even up to a few weeks.

The Alumni ID Card might take 3 to 4 months to arrive. We request your patience as the team is always on a mission to try to serve its learners better.

Well, it is possible to get a job in Business Analytics even without prior experience. This is a prestigious career, and all you need to do is the following. 

First, you need to understand what Business Analysts are and what they do. Understanding the responsibilities is important. The responsibilities of a business analyst involve: 

  • Gathering the requirements 
  • Modelling the requirements 
  • Documenting the requirements 
  • Requesting the functional changes 
  • Testing the functional changes 
  • UAT (User Acceptance Test) coordination and  
  • Liaising with the technical teams. 

You can also do some research work about  

  • Type of industry you want to work in 
  • Learn from other business analysts 
  • Get into training opportunities 

As Information Technology keeps evolving, technical skills in Business analytics are also becoming more advanced. Hence it is necessary to keep up with the advancement and develop new strategies to improve its efficiency. Some fundamental skills are required for being a successful business analyst.    

  • Programming Languages: It is necessary to have strong knowledge of programming languages such as data and coding. 
  • Data Visualization: Data is used extensively to plan and oversee projects. It allows them to identify the trends and strategies needed for working efficiently. see the trends in b 
  • Database Proficiency: Having a strong base in this skill allows the analyst to examine and alter the database structure and modify its contents. 

Software development: For improving the company’s hardware and software, it is necessary to have software development skills.

Business Analytics is a favoured career as it challenges candidates across technical, business and meritorious environments using Computers Science, Math, Statistics and more. The field has MBAs, PhDs, Masters Degree holders and certified professionals adept in using GUI-graphical user interface tools along with the use of analytics, quantitative and technical skills in a business context. 

Genpact, Accenture, WNS, Target, Infosys are hiring certified professionals from XIM, IIMs, SP Jain, FMS etc. and certifying institutes like NIT, MDI, GIM, SIOM, IMT etc. popular. The financial rewards could range from 762K/annum for average base pay that could start at 400K lows to 1397K highs in Rupees per annum, according to Glassdoor. Proficiency in R could even get you Rs 80,56,093 or USD 17,000/annum.

In business analytics, the application of your practical knowledge matters and not rote learning or irrelevant degrees. Certifications help advertise your skill levels and distinguish you from others at job interviews. In a fast-paced world where it becomes hard to check all aspects of the candidate’s qualification, it is the certification that validates the fact that the candidate has the requisite technical, soft and practical skills crucial to success in a team having perfected the practical applications using the acquired knowledge. If already employed, the certification could even earn you a raise, especially if it is from a reputed institute.

A Business Analyst- BA needs multidimensional skills. Among the technical skills required, one should have requisite skills in technology, certifications etc. to utilize the latest tools in research of Big Data, Statistical Analysis and reviewing of data sets. Among the personal and soft skills required, one should think on his feet and quick in problem-solving and making wise decisions. Management and team skills involve excellent negotiating and communication skills on a day-to-day basis. 

It will be essential to know Microsoft Visio, Office, R/Python, SQL Queries, Process models of business and as much as possible on the latest software tools. The essentials of research techniques, financial management, and undefeatable drive will be needed to help a BA sustain.

Data Analytics is the technique of deriving trends, patterns and projecting from data to drive profits and derive solutions to potential problems. Being one of the most sought-after emerging technologies, Data Analytics finds applications across industries in most businesses. Due to a severe lack of traditional education courses, it is important and necessary to pursue a certification course in Data Analytics to receive the right opportunities. The Data Analytics certification course like the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by IIM Indore and Jigsaw is designed to get learners acquainted and master the necessary skills and relevant technologies to be a successful Data Analyst.

With businesses becoming highly data-driven, the demand for high-impact Data Analysts has never been higher. The biggest advantage of kickstarting a career in Data Analytics is the handsome remuneration offered by the domain and the multi-industry opportunities that come with it. However, there are not many certification in Data Analytics courses available.  This has inadvertently led to an acute increase in the number of Data Analytics courses in India. The Integrated Program in Business Analytics, by Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore, is an executive future leaders program designed to help learners master both the techniques of Data Analytics and Management skills.

The Business Analytics certification program can be pursued by freshers and experienced professionals alike. Having a Business Analytics certificate shows an indication of one’s passion and commitment towards the domain and the relevant competencies mastered. It is the best indication to the hiring manager or an organization of all the latest skills and techniques mastered by you to become an excellent project-ready Data Analyst.

Integrate Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) in collaboration with IIM Indore by Jigsaw is the most comprehensive and industry-relevant Business Analytics course available today. With humongous scope in every field and industry, this Business Analyst course aims at guiding learners to convert huge amounts of data into profitable business insights. Although numerous Business Analytics courses are available today, IPBA derives its uniqueness from being designed and delivered by award-winning faculties from both IIM Indore and Jigsaw.

The quality of a course can only be measured by the skillset and exposure it offers to its learners. Although there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the domain of Business Analytics, the main concern is the pressing skill gap. The most effective way to overcome the hurdle and reap the maximum benefits of the opportunities available in the domain is to pursue a competent Business Analytics course like the Integrated Program in Business Analytics(IPBA), by IIM Indore in collaboration with Jigsaw, for maximum industry exposure and excellent career opportunities.  

The cost of every course varies based on the course offerings. The best Business Analytics courses offer both the relevant skillset and software technologies. The Integrated Program in Business Analytics by Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore costs around INR 2.95 lakhs + taxes / USD 6,000. There are also options available for 0% EMI. Learners can either pay in one shot or via EMI options based on their choice.

The Business Analytics course can be pursued by anyone with a basic graduation degree and a passion for identifying trends, patterns, and deriving solutions by processing raw data. Today, organizations are on the constant lookout for skilled Business Analysts to drive their business needs. Pursuing a Business Analytics course ensures that you master all the relevant skill sets to attract the right opportunities and a good career leap.

Although no prior knowledge in programming is required, there is an array of Data Analytics skills that are necessary for charting a successful career as a Data Analyst. The top skills necessary for a Data Analyst are Data Visualization, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Handling and Extraction, Feature Engineering, Effective Storytelling, R, Python, SQL. Pursuing an executive course in Data Analytics can be the best way in mastering all these skill sets.

Data Analytics courses today are available as diplomas or at the postgraduate level as a stream of specialization in Computer Science and Management. For Data Analytics courses like the Integrated Program in Business Analytics, the minimum eligibility criteria is a Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent preferably in Science or Computer Science from a recognized university and a valid GMAT/ CAT/ Jigsaw Administered Test score. This postgraduate-level course does not require you to have prior basic knowledge of the domain and is open to all fields of education.

Yes, Jigsaw has tie-ups with established financial institutions in case students wish to opt for an education loan to finance the program fees. However, the loan disbursal and offers are from our loan partners and are dependent on your credit rating and details. Please contact us for details. Also, this Business Analytics course can be pursued by availing a zero percent EMI.

Apart from a bachelor’s degree, there is no specific knowledge required for taking up this Business Analytics course. However, it is most effective for people with strong analytical and numerical skills. Aspiring Data Analytics professionals also need to possess good interpretive and problem-solving skills to be able to derive information from raw data and explain the process of analysis and its outcome. Having some basic knowledge of computer software(s) like Querying Language (SQL, Hive, Pig), scripting Language (Python, Matlab), Statistical Language (R, SAS, SPSS), and Excel can make the learning process of any Business Analyst course easier.


As a growing data superpower, India is witnessing a sharp rise in the amount of data produced every day. This has led to a huge demand for skilled Data Analytics professionals. However, the biggest obstacle in the path of leveraging data for meaningful business insights is the acute skill gap. To overcome the same there are several Data Analytics courses in India like the Integrated Program in Business Analytics(IPBA). This Data Analytics certification course is provided by Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore and awards joint certification post completion of the program. 

Every Business Analytics course has a stipulated time during which the complete course outline is taught to the learners. For instance, the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), by Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore is spread over 10 Months with 150+ Hours divided across 12 Modules. It outlines the basics as well as the most sought-after technologies. However, only pursuing a Business Analyst course would not be sufficient to excel, it takes an ample amount of time and effort to master the required skill set. 

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics(IPBA), by Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore, is a 100% online courses for Business Analysts. There is no need to attend an in-person class in this Business Analyst online course. The program is spread over 10 Months with 150+ Hours divided across 12 Modules with all classes delivered online by SMEs and expert faculty members. The course is made completely online to enable working professionals to upskill and pursue it at their own pace.

Most Business Analytics courses do not need you to have any prior knowledge of programming or any other software-relevant tools. This is primarily because the curriculum is structured so as to aid even a novice to master the skills of data analysis. However, some basic knowledge of computer software(s) like Querying Language (SQL, Hive, Pig), Scripting Language (Python, Matlab), Statistical Language (R, SAS, SPSS), and Excel can make the learning process easier.

The majority of Business Analytics courses in India, focus more on skills development rather than just knowledge accumulation. Hands-on skill development is achieved through capstone projects and case studies, giving the learners a first-hand experience of the industry requirement. Learners will get to work in groups, identify, shortlist, and finalize a project idea that they’ll work on. They will be mentored throughout the various stages by an industry SME. This ensures that participants get to apply the Analytics and Big Data techniques in their projects, including Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics so that they can easily tackle real-life business problems and provide effective solutions in their professional careers.  

The Business Analytics courses are designed to ensure the learners have the knowledge to explore a range of career opportunities. The tools and technologies taught in the course are broad but quite domain-specific to ensure maximum application. After completing the Business Analytics certification, a learner will be able to become a Machine learning engineer, Data architect, Statistician, Data Analyst, Chief technology officer (CTO), Chief data officer, Application Architect, Project manager, Business/analytics translator, etc, based on their preference. 



Please express your interest in this program by reaching out to our academic counselors via chat or through a call on +91 9019217000. You may also fill in the form on this page for a response from us to your queries and inquiries.



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