Interested in a Career in Web Analytics? Jigsaw’s New Web Analytics Course can Help you Pick up the Skills in Demand

We have a new Analytics course on our Menu and this one is for all you folks who are interested in a career in Web Analytics. The course helps you gain some real-world Digital Marketing expertise & teaches you how to drive online growth for companies using analytics.

The course was developed with the help of Harikrishnan Srinivasan, a Web Analytics & Digital Marketing expert, with experience in domains including eCommerce, Travel, Health Care, Online Training and HR. Hari has over 20 years of experience in information services and technology – with leading companies including Verizon, Cognizant & Wipro.

What’s different about the Jigsaw Web Analytics Course?

Are you thinking…there are so many web analytics courses out there…..what’s so special about the Jigsaw course? Well let me try and answer you.

Other than the usual unique offerings that comes with all our courses, like quality content, our user friendly learning platform, the virtual lab where you get to practice on real life data sets, the main differentiator of this particular course is the business perspective we bring.

Quoting Hari from a recent interview he gave to Analytics India Magazine, where he talks about Jigsaw’s Web Analytics Course, “Traditional Web Analytics training is focused on tool functionality (Configuration, Report Creation and Customization) & data reporting (like visitors per day, bounce rate, time on site, conversion rates). The Jigsaw Academy program will prepare web analysts to solve for real world business decisions – like audience selection, media planning, campaign messaging, channel spends, brand awareness, sales, customer retention, etc. The program is holistic – covers innovative KPIs for various online business functions, data strategy, measurement frameworks, analysis and interpretation for business actionables.”

Who is the Course for?

This Jigsaw Web Analytics Course is for professionals in the E-Commerce industry interested in assessing online business performances (SEM, SEO, Social Media) or those in traditional business aspiring to move into Online Businesses. It is also a great career enhancer for MBA / BBA students interested in getting that edge and furthering their career in E-Commerce Marketing & Sales.

Other Course Details:

Course duration: 14 weeks

Work load: One hour per week

Batch start date: 21st September 2014

If you want to know more about the course, please visit

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