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Last month we were thrilled to receive this feedback from Jigsawite Ganapathy G., who is enrolled in the August batch of the Big Data Specialist course.

Ganapathy…your testimonial has made us feel on top of the world! Being able to actually make an impact on the professional lives of our students is a number one priority for us and we thank you for letting us know that we have. We wish you the best and look forward to keeping in touch and cheering you on as you progress and succeed in your career

We know that Ganapathy’s story will interest and inspire many of you out there who are contemplating or have just begun your journey into Big Data Analytics. So we asked him to share a little about himself, his reasons for getting skilled in Big Data and his experience with interviews. Here it goes…

Educational background, previous experience and the decision to make a start in Big Data

Having done an MS in Information Technology, I started in the IT field ten years back. I have worked in companies like Mahindra Satyam, IBM and Cognizant, while also completing an MBA in IT Management at Universitas 21 Global (Executive MBA in IGNOU and Post Graduate Certificate at Univeritas 21 Global – A Combined program).

And then suddenly all the talk was about Big Data; how it is the future and how Data Analytics i.e getting the value from the data, is a crucial need for enterprises. I was interested in developing some skills in this area. I was lucky to get some exposure to Big Data projects while in my last role. In fact I took a lot of initiative and took the time to work and get experience in Big Data, even in my own time and that really helped develop my confidence.

I chose Jigsaw Academy after reading several reviews and testimonials. Their curriculum seemed comprehensive and what really interested me was the fact that we would be working on real life data sets. Their content seemed to relate to real time business scenario 200%.

 The Big Data Specialist Course, interview advice and the future

My experience with Jigsaw was excellent. The content in each module was extensive and yet put forth in such a way, that it was simple to understand. After I completed each module I got real time exposure and experience which really helped develop my Big Data skills.

I now work as a Technical Architect – Big Data Hadoop in a leading MNC in Chennai.

As for interviews, I think the typical expectation is having experience in three phases:

1. Data Loading (Data preparation, exploration)

2. Data Processing in Big Data.

3. Data Analytics by statistical tool/framework (or visualize to take decision)

The typical software engineer who has exposure in all these three areas can give a better optimum solution. My advice would be to concentrate on all these three areas and work on them in your own time, if you don’t have the chance to work on them in your current project. This is what really builds your experience and gives you confidence.

What next?

I have developed a real interest in the analytics field and now that I understand even better the career potential, I would really like to continue developing my skills in this area. The plan is to join the MISB Bocconi & Jigsaw Academy – Executive Program in Business Analytics -(EPBA) and then…let’s see…the sky is the limit!

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