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To make the Internet of Things useful, we need an analytics of things. From a business perspective, IOT needs to be complemented with analytics for the data generated by IOT applications for meaningful IOT deployments. This  program consists of 3 courses which provide insights into data acquisition, cleaning, exploratory analysis, preparation and final analysis for IOT systems. It also explains how to implement advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to IOT data for building complex IOT solutions.
Learning Mode:  Online (Self paced)
Certification Certification:  Jigsaw Academy
Course Duration:  12 months
Access Duration:  6 months

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Placement Support
Capstone Project
Online Q&A Sessions
Faculty & Technical Support
Mobile App Access
Case Studies
IOT Hardware Kit
IOT Hardware Kit
UChicago Certification
In-Person Faculty Support
Guaranteed Internships
IBM Certification
IBM Certification
Online Classes
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Tools & Curriculum Covered

Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools

Overview of IOT

IOT Data Overview

IOT Use Cases

IOT Data Processing and Reference Architecture

KPIs in IOT Analytics

Case Study - Human Activity Recongnition



Overview of Advanced IOT Analytics

Vertical Use Cases

Advanced IOT Data Clustering

Advanced IOT Anomaly Detection

Complex Event Processing

IOT Ecosystem Review

Time Series for IOT

Industrial Internet Use Case

Data Visualization for IOT

Security for IOT

Frontier IOT Analytics Topics

Case Study: IIOT Analytics - Annealing of Steel

Project: Life estimation of a turbo fan

Hands-on Exercises




According to research conducted by Statista, the field of Big Data and Analytics will be worth upwards of $75 billion by 2023. This is only one marker that hints towards the utmost importance of Big Data currently. The training format for Big Data Course in Coimbatore is online.