IOT Analyst Certification

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This specialization covers the various dimensions of dealing with data generated from IOT devices, sensors, tags and actuators. You can expand your career to include Data Science for IOT.


This course provides an overview and insights into data generation, analysis, and usage from IOT systems, and uses multiple case studies to explain how analytics is used in IOT scenarios to accomplish desired outcomes. This course module explores diverse use cases of IOT across verticals including sports, healthcare etc.

  • 01.IOT Reference Architecture   
  • 02.IOT Data Overview and Use Cases
  • 03.IOT Data Reference Architecture & Platforms
    • 04.Introduction to Machine Learning and Python
    • 05.KPIs in IOT Analytics
    • 06.Case Study: Human Activity Recognition
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This course shows you how to apply data science life cycle to handle IOT analytics scenarios with IOT data. Focused targeted use cases of retail, and manufacturing as in Industrial Internet is explored.

  • 01.Special IOT Applications in Retail & Industrial Internet
  • 02.IOT Analytics Data Science LifeCycle
  • 03.Data Acquisition for IOT and IOT Data Cleaning
    • 04.Descriptive IOT Data Analytics
    • 05.Inferential Data Analytics for IOT
    • 06.Predictive IOT analytics via IOT Data Classification
    • 07.Exploratory IOT Data Analytics via Clustering
    • 08.Prescriptive IOT Data Analytics for IOT
    • 09.Case Study/Project: IOT Analytics Use Case on Air Quality
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This course explains how to implement advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to IOT data to build complex IOT solutions. After doing this course, a student will be able to choose and apply the appropriate ML algorithms including classification and segmentation on IoT datasets and streaming data.

  • 01.Overview and Vertical Use Cases
  • 02.R Programming
  • 03.Advanced IOT Data Clustering
    • 04.Advanced IOT Anomaly Detection
    • 05.Complex Event Processing
    • 06.Time Series for IOT
    • 07.Industrial Internet Use Case
    • 08.Data Visualization for IOT
    • 09.Security for IOT
    • 10.Frontier IOT Analytics Topics
    • 11.Capstone Project
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Become a certified IOT professional with thorough understanding of IOT concepts. Post completion of this specialization, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to develop and implement your own IOT solutions and applications.