IOT Professional Certification

₹ 30,800


This specialization will give you a solid understanding of how to develop and implement your own IOT solutions using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. It also covers the details of how IOT works with the cloud.


Step into the fantastic world of the future with this introductory course on the Internet of Things.

  • 01.Introduction to IOT
  • 02.Building IOT, Challenges, IOT & Analytics
  • 03.Getting Started with IOT

This course deals with basic electronics, microcontroller architectures, sensors, human-machine interfaces (HMI) and basic networking. We use the Arduino platform to teach these concepts.

  • 01.Getting Started with Arduino
  • 02.Sensors, Signals & Electronics
  • 03.Microcontroller Concepts
    • 04.Basic Networking with NodeMcu
    • 05.Advanced Microcontroller Concepts
    • 06.Project: Workplace Buddy
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The course focuses on higher-level operating systems, advanced networking, user interfaces, multimedia and uses more computing intensive IOT applications as examples. We use the Raspberry Pi running Linux as the platform of choice, while also exposing the student to other comparable platforms.

  • 01.Basics of Javascript
  • 02.Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
  • 03.Interfacing Hardware with the Raspberry Pi
    • 04.Machine-to-Machine Communication
    • 05.Multimedia Concepts
    • 06.Speech Processing Concepts
    • 07.Image Processing Concepts
    • 08.Project: Smart Mirror
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This course deals with the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing. We will examine cloud offerings from all the leading providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and learn to design and deploy solutions to them. As with previous modules, we will continue to emphasize hands-on learning, but this course will also have several case studies, where we examine real-world IOT applications such as wearables, home automation and smart cities.

  • 01.Deploying to the Cloud
  • 02.Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • 03.Microservices using Docker
    • 04.Connectivity beyond Wi-Fi
    • 05.Capstone Project: IOT Cloud application
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Become a certified IOT professional with thorough understanding of IOT concepts. Post completion of this specialization, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to develop and implement your own IOT solutions and applications.