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The Internet of Things is spawning the next Industrial Revolution. This program will give you a solid understanding of how to develop and implement your own IOT solutions using sensor connected IOT devices and IOT gateway, it also covers details of how you can set up your own IOT Cloud for data storage and analysis. It consists of 4 courses designed by industry experts using numerous hands-on exercises and case studies.
Learning Mode:  Online (Self paced)
Certification Certification:  Jigsaw Academy
Course Duration:  12 months
Access Duration:  6 months

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Capstone Project
Online Classes
Faculty & Technical Support
Mobile App Access
Case Studies
IOT Hardware Kit
IOT Hardware Kit
UChicago Certification
IBM Certification
IBM Certification
In-Person Faculty Support
Placement Support
Online Q&A Sessions
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Tools & Curriculum Covered

Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools


Working with IOT

Getting Started with IOT



Introduction to IOT

Arduino Code Language (C Refresher)

Inputs and App Control

Arduino Simulation Environment

Analog Sensors

Basic Electronics Refresher

Digital Sensors

Digital Signals

Sensors Overview

User Interface

Microcontroller Concepts - Memory Map, IO Peripherals

Arduino Hardware Overview

Intro to NodeMcu

Basic Wireless Networking

Sensor Log


LED blink using MQTT

Messaging and MQTT

Microcontrollers Concepts - Interrupts, Timers, Callbacks, Re-Entrancy, Watchdogs

Device Configuration, Discovery and OTA


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