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Thanks Amul Badjatya for that great Google review. We are happy to share with all of you what Amul has to say about his Jigsaw experience.

I was already working in analytics (Mu Sigma) when I joined Jigsaw. My intention was to sharpen my skill set and learn things ahead of the curve from people who had been there and done that for over 10 years. Gaurav and Sarita are great mentors and extremely responsive. Not only did I sharpen my technical and problem solving skills under them ,by joining Jigsaw I had entered an ecosystem- where Gaurav/Sarita and my other peers at Jigsaw were a forum I could look up to when I wanted to deliver something better at my work and needed guidance. It gave me an opportunity to utilize the “crowd wisdom” of this set of people containing experienced biggies like Gaurav/Sarita but also my parallels who were working elsewhere in analytics. Overall, if you want to get into analytics/ do well in analytics – don’t look at Jigsaw as just one course- look at it like joining an ecosystem. This ecosystem will help you drive your growth in analytics for years to come.

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