Jigsaw Academy Announces the Launch of its Online Certification Course in Retail Analytics

Originally published in PRWeb

“The retail industry in India is on a path of unprecedented growth. As the players enter new markets and woo more customers, big data will be at the crux of all significant business decisions. As such data analysts with retail analytics expertise will be in high demand,”said Gaurav Vohra, CEO and Co Founder of Jigsaw Academy.

“Accounting for 14-15% of the country’s GDP, the retail industry in India is expected to grow from $400 billion to $700 billion by the end of 2013 (Global Consultancy Northbridge Capital). A McKinsey report, ‘The rise of the Indian Consumer Market,’ further estimates that the Indian consumer market is likely to grow four times by 2025.

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Interested in a career in Retail Analytics? Check our Jigsaw Academy’s Retail Analytics Course.

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