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We are excited to announce that we have begun working with Courseplay, and two of our courses, Analytics for Beginners’ and Data Scientist Certification will soon be available through their platform.

Courseplay is part of Firstventure Corporation Private Limited, an up-and-coming privately-funded education and training company founded by Arjun Gupta in March 2012. Their mission is to democratize education using agile, affordable and accessible technology and make companies, schools and other organizations scalable.

The Courseplay platform is especially targeted to corporates that want to provide training to their employees. “ With our training solutions, it’s not just students or employees that learn, but their organizations learn too.” says Arjun Gupta, founder  of Courseplay. “With Courseplay supervisors get access to data that helps them understand how their learners behave. Who is strong in which subject and weak in which subject? How much is each user engaging with the training content? Which courses are learners finding helpful and which courses need to be improved? What is the impact of this program? These are a few of the answers we help organizations find.” he continues.

Team Jigsaw has always been passionate about online learning and believe that learning must be accessible to everyone who wants to learn. Today there is a big, Data Analytics and Big Data skill shortage and professionals in every department, in all sectors are recognizing the need to update their analytics skill set. As Courseplays’s training partners we hope many more organizations will get access to our cutting-edge analytics content. They will be able to register their employees to our online analytics courses from any device, anywhere in the world while tracking their progress and measuring their understanding of the course material.

The Analytics for Beginners course is a five hour course that aims to introduce absolute beginners, or novices to the fundamentals of analytics by using examples from daily life. It combines real-life stories, interviews with analytics experts and journalistic articles, all presented in a breezy narrative style, that will make sure you will never look at numbers and data in the same way again. Examples of companies like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and even great people like Archimedes and Florence Nightingale will convey the relevance and importance of using analysis in everyday life. In terms of prior requirements, the participant will only need a working knowledge of Excel, with logical and reasoning skills. A basic understanding of regression is also covered in the course. Mathematics skills are not required!

In keeping with the light-hearted tone of the course, the over-arching case study covered seeks to determine who is the best cricketer among Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly by using regression analysis. This ensures the overall flavor of the course remains light and fun, even if the analytics does need a little data work.

The Data Scientist Certification on the other hand teaches one to handle and analyze extremely large data-sets using cutting edge open source data science tools and sophisticated data analysis algorithms. Participants get access to about 40 hours of pre-recorded video lectures & 20 hours of pre-recorded classroom training. The videos can be viewed at any time and as many times as the participant wants and participants will have access to the video lectures for a period of 6 months. This course doesn’t have any pre-requisites. No prior knowledge of Statistics, R, data science or analytic techniques is required! The chief course takeaways are:

  • Knowledge of statistical concepts, predictive analytics skills and analytic tools (R and Hadoop).
  • Use statistical techniques to analyze data to make business decisions.

You can get a free trial of Courseplay by visiting http://courseplay.co/free-trial/. Get your organization to take a look. It just might be what you they have been looking for all along.

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