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It is said that Big Data will be a $16.9 Billion Market by 2015. And according to the latest annual ‘hot jobs’ predictions produced by executive search firm, CT Partners, “specialists in big data will not be short of job offers in 2015 and beyond”. In fact they state that, “the influence of digital channels and big data now reach far beyond IT and are fast becoming must-have skills in many other areas of organizational life”.

Another report by research firm Robert Half Technology concludes that, “Big Data – a core component of what International Data Corporation calls the ‘third platform’ of computing, is expected to accelerate the transformation of IT and is closely linked to the emerging ‘Internet of Things”. As such business intelligence analysts are going to be the most highly sought employees in 2015 and as demand for that skill sets goes up, salaries for qualified candidates are rising as well. For eg: a Big data engineer’s expected salary range for 2015 in the US: $119,250- $168,250; up 9.3% from 2014.

And that’s why we have some great discounts and combo offers for you this month

Team Jigsaw has decided that in the next few months, we are going to spread awareness about Big Data and share our knowledge and expertise freely with you all. We want to spread the word and let you know just how big, Big Data is going to become and just how critical it is for all of you to be Big Data savvy. Together with all that, we are also going to be just a little bit crazy and offer some awesome Big Data course discounts and combo offers for the month of November. This is so we can prompt and inspire all of you who want to pick up some Big Data skills to take that first step to becoming a Big Data Dude or Dudette

So here are the offers we have:
November Special Offers


These offers are for Indian students. If you are outside India please click here.
Combo Courses

To enroll for any of our courses and combo offers email us at info@jigsawacademy.com or call us at 09019217000
And remember to watch this space for lots of Big Data news and career tips.
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