Jigsaw Academy – Redefining Benchmarks in Analytics Training Year After Year

The moment still stands fresh in our minds. It was the year 2013 – the year everyone of us at Jigsaw Academy were busy working towards a unanimous goal that blindfolded the fact that we were actually setting benchmarking standards for analytics training in the country.

From our in-house faculty and professors to content developers, we were working as one single team to impart the best analytics training to anyone and everyone who intended to make a career out of the most in-demand skill set today.

Back then, it was still a buzzword in India. While most companies and businesses were still figuring out what Big Data and analytics meant, we were developing airtight course curriculum for those who had the slightest idea of transforming their careers with data science.

Tunnel vision was what every team member had back then when it came to work and we hardly knew that all our efforts – no matter how trivial or magnanimous they were – were all contributing to something big.

In the same year, Analytics India Magazine – one of India’s leading journals on analytics and other allied technologies – were conceiving a report to rank the best analytics institutes in the country. With pros and industry veterans working in the backend to rank the best analytics training institutes in the country, we were firm that the results would be genuine and insightful.

We learnt that there were multiple parameters or assessment factors considered to rank the analytics schools. Any analytics training institute that intends to help aspirants make a rewarding career out of this skill had to work on the following aspects:

  • Faculty
  • Course Curriculum
  • Pedagogy
  • External Collaborations
  • Ideal Learning Management Systems
  • Virtual Lab Events
  • Placement Assistance and more

A course that lacked any one of the above parameter was bound to make the journey of a student into analytics difficult. We were actually fortunate that we did not have to learn this the hard way. Besides these, one of the major differentiators on our side was that we maintained an excellent student and expert feedback on our courses and training methodologies.

Despite all these, we still did not expect what followed next.

The results were finally out and we learnt from an acquaintance that we had made it to the top ten list. We were excited about the recognition but never really expected anything more than that.

However, we were soon notified of the fact that we were ranked as India’s Number 1 Analytics Institute in the year 2013. It was at that time that we realized we had achieved something.

The rankings revealed that we had set a benchmarking standard in analytics training and this led us to work more on areas that we viewed as shortcomings. After the results, we had to ensure we lived up to the ranking for the months to come.

We continued with our streamlined efforts from the following day keeping in mind that we had a new goal to accomplish the following year as well. We kept introspecting and worked to evolve into a better analytics institute and for some reason, we knew that we would make it to the top the year that followed.

It was the year 2014 and history repeated. We ranked number 1 again and again in 2016 and once again in 2017.

Five years have passed since we bagged the ranking for the first time and every year, it has been a rather humbling experience that offers us insights into the way we worked and approached analytics training.

Our continued excellence also enabled us to collaborate with the highly prestigious University of Chicago for a collaboration. We rolled out the Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning along with the University of Chicago, which allows students to get a certificate in data science from the university, access to their alumni network, lectures from global industry stalwarts, campus visits and more.

While we were busy working on ourselves, we had started overlooking the fact that there was this run to become the most revered analytics institute in the country. However, as the results of the 2018 rankings from Analytics India Magazine came out, we woke up to the fact that we are at the top once again.

Yes, we are the number one data science training institutes in India for the year 2018.

What started off as a goal to achieve perpetually year after year turned into a perennial commitment. We would continue to evolve as a training institute and find newer ways to adopt modern technologies and blend them with our training methodologies. We would find more projects for students to work on for their portfolio and we would always take an extra step in offering the most job-ready analytics program an aspirant wishes for.

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