“I aspired to get into analytics…I succeeded!” – Jigsaw Academy student Smriti Singh tells us how she made a career shift into Analytics.

This week we are proud to feature another bright student of ours who, with hard work and determination, translated her dreams of being a data analyst into reality. Fully realizing the potential of analytics in India, Smriti realized that the path to rich career growth lay in obtaining the skills that were in demand in the analytics industry.

Name:                                    Smriti Singh, “I aspired to get into analytics…I succeeded!” – Jigsaw Academy student Smriti Singh tells us how she made a career shift into Analytics.

Current Profile:                   Analyst, Marketing Analytics


Smriti, a math buff, completed her MSc in Applied Statistics from IIT, Mumbai in 2009.  Four years later she is a data analyst, part of the big boom world of analytics. Smriti was happy to share some of her thoughts on how she achieved this dream.

The Shift From Market Research to Analytics:

Following my MSc in Statistics, I wanted a job where I could practically apply all the theoretical concepts I had studied in college. Initially I began working in Market Research and though the role was interesting, Analytics, specially banking analytics caught my eye and this is what I began working towards.

I began to research different certification courses in analytics. Thanks to Google, I happened upon Jigsaw Academy. I went on their website and found their courses interesting. It was just the kind I was looking for. I signed up for their foundation course and took my first steps towards achieving my analytics dream.

The Jigsaw experience:

Jigsaw was really an awesome experience. I had not had the chance to do an online course prior to this, so this was indeed a great opportunity to experience the benefits of a virtual academy. The faculty was truly amazing, and I especially loved Sarita Mam. The live sessions were very interactive and the pre recorded sessions gave one the flexibility that is so important when one is also working at the same time. The examples we do are very practical and relevant and I really learnt a lot.

The Analytics Job Search:

Actually I applied for my current Marketing Analytics job with HSBC while I was midway through the Jigsaw course. It was through one of my friends who worked there and was kind enough to forward my CV. I was called for an interview and Jigsaw really helped me prepare for it. I was able to crack the interview. The concepts they teach you, the material they share, is very to the point and focuses on succeeding in the interview.

Job satisfaction:

Yes of course, I am fully satisfied with my current job. I had put in a lot of hard work to shift to analytics and it was fully worth it. I was lucky that it took me a relatively short time to make the shift. I got what I wanted and I think it was just perfect to get introduced to Jigsaw.

Advise for others travelling the same path:

Just focus on the course carefully, do the assignments and get the basics revised.

Do you also want to begin a career in Analytics? Check out Jigsaw Academy’s array of Analytics Courses and take your career to a whole new level.

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