Jigsaw Academy is a Top IoT Training Institute in India

IoT India Magazine has released its second edition of the rankings and has declared Jigsaw Academy as one of the top training institutes in India for 2017!

You shop on Amazon and Flipkart, you use maps to reach your destination, your health gear that keep track of your heartrate, steps and calories, your email account that is synced to your smartphone, your searches from your smartphone, all are part of the biggest tech revolution of our times – the Internet of Things.

IoT on your radar? Become an IoT Specialist now and open up your career to a world of new possibilities.

Whatever you do online produces data, which is processed and analysed by analytics experts for crucial business insights. With IoT, the world is become smarter, more connected and innovative. So, the time’s right to step into this world of connected devices and make a career out of IoT – a career that will be lucrative and authoritative.

You can check out the ranking report here.

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