Jigsaw Academy’s First Scholarship Winner

Remember we rolled out scholarship programs on analytics and IoT courses a couple of weeks back? Today, we have our first winner. Yes, Jigsaw Academy is excited and extremely happy to announce Ambika as the winner of our very first scholarship program. The best part is that she receives 100% scholarship on the IoT Full Stack course and is all geared up to get started with her course.

At Jigsaw Academy, we thought we’ll have a quick conversation with our winner to get to know more about her IoT aspirations and future plans. When we got in touch, we realized that she has a lot of things planned for her future after the course gets over. Here’s a short excerpt from the conversation.

Aravind: Hi, Ambika! Firstly, congratulations on getting the 100% scholarship on the IoT Full Stack course. You are the very first w­inner of our scholarship program. Before we understand more about your aspirations and interest in IoT, tell us something about yourself.

Ambika: Thank you, Aravind. So, I’m Ambika and I’ve had a diverse career path. I’ve over 15 years of experience in software development, quality engineering, and release engineering. Previously, I was the technical leader and architect for a Target-funded company, where I worked on conceptualization, design, and development of back-end, mobile analytics and more. Before this, I was associated with Yahoo! for over nine years, as a principal development engineer. In 2015, I decided to take a break and dedicate time to achieve my personal and professional goals. As part of that, I’ve been exploring data science, artificial intelligence, IoT, and entrepreneurship.

This year, I was one of the 50 entrepreneurs who got selected for a Women Startup Program (WSP) boot camp at IIM-B, by NSRCEL.

Aravind: Excellent! So, how did you develop an interest on the Internet of Things – something that’s silently defining our future?

Ambika: As I said, I was doing a course on artificial intelligence from IISc, Bangalore when I came across the various applications of IoT and artificial intelligence. For instance, I learned from my classmates about their projects on drones and IoT that was designed and developed to assist farmers and agriculture. This led me to read about IoT and related articles and products, which helped gain a little theoretical knowledge and exposure on IoT. I wanted to get hands on with the technology and that’s why I decided to take up a course. I want to leverage IoT for farming and agriculture in the near future.

Aravind: Apply IoT technology on farming and agriculture? Very novel, Ambika. So, is that your plan after your course or is it more like a pet project you intend to take up in the future?

Ambika: No, this is what I intend to do after the course. I want to get into building tools using IoT and apply this technology on farming such as on drip irrigation, monitoring crop patterns, drones for farm surveillance and more. I want to take complex technology, simplify and make it part of farmers’ everyday life. Agriculture is one area that could make the most of this technology and since IoT will help with this vision, I want to get started with this plan after the course.

Aravind: That’s really inspiring, Ambika. Jigsaw Academy wishes you all the best for your plans and vision and ensures you get the best of IoT exposure to support your goal. Good luck!

Ambika: Thank you!

So, that’s Ambika and her vision! A free course on the most happening technology at the moment. And when it’s backed by a vision like Ambika’s, we can truly believe that IoT is here to better our lives.

If you didn’t know, we still have the scholarship program open and we’re giving away 25%, 50% and 100% off to deserving candidates. Keep watching this space, where will share the progress of Ambika’s scholarship plans and vision.

Contact us at +91 92435 222 77 or scholarships@jigsawacademy.com to get your scholarship today!

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