Jigsaw Analytics Meet a Huge Success

Here are the first of the photos from our 2014 Jigsaw Analytics Meet held last month. We could not be more pleased with the turn out for the event.Thanks to all those of you who attended and to our guest speakers, Bhasker Gupta, Santosh Nair, Clarence Wong and Smitha Thenkanidiyur. We had some great discussions and interesting conversations, but the highlight of the day was possibly just seeing each other face to face. For an online training academy, it’s rare that we get to meet and greet our students in person; so it was indeed  wonderful to put names to faces for both students and the Jigsaw team alike.

The JAM was held at the Catholic Club Bangalore and the day started with Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw welcoming everyone. We then began the talk on Career Planning in Analytics by well known ventrans in the analytics industry, Bhasker Gupta (founder of Analytics India Magazine) and Santosh Nair(Founder and MD of Analytics edge). They gave us some fantastic insights as to where the industry is headed and what budding data analysts can do to begin a career in analytics. They also answered many of our Jigsawites questions about the analytics industry.

It was then time to distribute certificates to Jigsawites Vivek Murugesan, Amit Patil, Sandeep Mishra, Manikandan T V and Santosh  VJ  who recently completed courses with Jigsaw. This was followed by a focus group session, where Jigsaw mentors sat down with groups of students and got their feedback on Jigsaw courses, delivery, content, the virtual lab and the learning management system.  This was indeed a valuable exercise for Team Jigsaw and we are grateful to all of you for your candid and very useful feedback.

After a fun little quiz on Analytics Company Logo’s, we then began the session with Jigsawites Smitha Thenkanidiyur and Clarence Wong, who shared their experiences of working in the analytics industry with everyone. They gave some excellent tips on how to ace interviews, how to keep your edge in the workplace and how you need to constantly upskill yourself, so that you always have the skills the industry wants.

The grand finale was a session by Gaurav Vohra on Big Data. Big Data is such an emerging field today and though we have all heard about it, few of us really understand what it is all about. Gaurav went on to explain to all what the term really entails, while giving relevant examples and going through all the popular tools and technologies that are setting the industry abuzz.

The event was a great photo op and we made sure we took lots of photos and videos with everyone present. We will shortly post more photos, snippets of the speeches and discussions and the presentations of the speakers, so watch this space.

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