Jigsaw Analytics Meetup (JAM)- Delhi, a Great Success

An engaging audience, captivating guest speakers, lively discussions, fun and lots of analytics chatter… that was the theme for the Jigsaw Meetup held on Saturday, 28th March, at the YWCA Delhi. A big shout out to all the Jigsawites who attended and to the guest speakers Kunal Jain (Analytics Vidhya) and Snehamoy Mukherjee (Axtria Inc) who took time off from their busy schedules to be with us.



So what is JAM and why does Jigsaw Academy conduct these Meetups? Well Jigsaw academy is an online analytics training institute and we strive to maintain a very good rapport with all our students, inspite of never really meeting them face to face. But we realized that every now and then we need to create opportunities for our students and alumini to meet us in person. This is important not only for our students, but for us as well, as it helps us  get a better pulse of who are students really are and helps us make the Jigsaw experience even better for them. And for all our Jigsawites,  it’s sure nice to interact with the Jigsaw team personally, and put faces to names that they know so well.

JAM is also an opportunity to get a pulse of where the industry is and what to anticipate in  terms of the skills analytics recruiters are looking for. We invite analytics industry experts to share analytics industry and hiring trends. We also have Jigsaw alumni share their analytics journeys’, and the Jigsaw founders Sarita Digumarti and Gaurav Vohra share some insights and future plans for Jigsaw.

Let’s give you a quick snapshot of what happened at the event. The Delhi JAM 2015, began with a warm welcome by Sanchita Lobo, the host for the event. This was followed by talks from the industry guest speakers Kunal and Snehamoy.

Kunal,data evangelizer, the founder of Analytics Vidhya, one of the top analytics communities, talked about the current skills analytics employers are looking for, while also giving us some interview tips. Snehamoy Mukherjee, Head of Retail- Axtria Inc,focused on the next big thing in Indian IT, the SMAC revolution, while also giving out some great tit bits on interviews and hiring.

The speeches were followed by an interactive round of questions. We then conducted a fun quiz where we checked the participants analytics quotient.

We then moved on to a feedback session, where the participants were divided into four groups, each group moderated by a Jigsaw team member. The groups were asked several questions regarding their Jigsaw experience and gave valuable feedback.

After a short tea break we began a very interesting part of the event- the talks by Jigsaw Alumini, Praful Tickoo and Kanav Nayyar. They gave some very critical advice on how students can break into the analytics job market and their personal stories were inspiring and gave Jigsawites a great deal of confidence.

The event ended with Sarita Digumarti giving us a quick update on Jigsaw’s plans for the coming year.

Watch this space…we will give you some more reports of JAM, Delhi 2015 in the coming days, student perspectives, loads more photographs and videos clips from the event.

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