Jigsaw Attends the IIM Udaipur Analytics Excursus 2013

Earlier this month the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur  organized an Analytics Excursus. This was a part of a series of summits the institute is conducting as part of its efforts to establish itself as a thought leader in the space of analytics.

 The theme of the event was “Big Data- Big Advantage”. There were two Panel Discussions and a Presentation Challenge. Both panels had three highly experienced analytics experts and 1 student moderator.

 Jigsaw’s CEO Gaurav Vohra was one of the panellists for the first discussion. We asked him to tell us about his experiences at the event and this is what he had to say.

 It was encouraging to see that there was a high level of awareness amongst the IIM-U students about analytics and a lot of interest about building a career in this field. Many wanted to know the right way to go about picking up some analytics skills while others were interested in knowing how they could get exposed to real business data.

 We had an engaging discussion on what is the role of analytics for a manager. Should MBA graduates look to learn statistical and programming skills or should they just focus on understanding the concept?. The opinion was that MBA grads should try to get hands-on experience and working knowledge of analytics as this will help them in making data driven decisions in the long run.

 The event was superbly hosted, and everyone on the campus certainly went out of their way to take very good care of the visiting panelists, including giving us an opportunity to tour the city before the event.

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