Jigsaw Brings Joy and Technology Aided Learning Tools to Challenged Children

It all began when Jigsaw heard that one of their staff members who volunteers at the Cotto Lengo School for mentally and intellectually challenged children in Bangalore school every week had begun a fund raising effort to raise funds for some technology aided learning tools for the school. Jigsaw immediately jumped in with a generous contribution of their own that helped buy a projector, laptop and UPS for the children of Cotto Legno.

The Cotto Lengo school educates over 60 mentally challenged children, many of whom have severe speech and learning disabilities. Many of the children are fully residential as they have no one else to take care of them. Experts today believe that technology aided learning tools can greatly improve results for children with speech and other learning disabilities. It helps them learn to communicate more effectively, expands their vocabulary, improves their literacy skills, teaches them social skills, helps them gain concepts, and teaches them to access web-based resources.

Jigsaw staff spent a wonderful morning with the children of the school. There was a lot of dancing and singing and it was indeed an enriching and humbling experience.

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