Jigsaw Cafe: Spotlight on our Support team

A special Shout Out to Jigsaw’s Support and Student Engagement Team 

Hope you don’t mind but today we would like to show off just a little bit and give a special shout out to the support and engagement team at Jigsaw for the outstanding level of service they give our students. They work behind the scenes to give our students the best user experience possible. We asked their Manager Balaji VK to explain their function more and here is what he had to say…

The Support team is a very important team in Jigsaw. They help in answering hundreds of queries through emails, calls and chat on a daily basis. The team is available to help and support each and every Jigsawite, so as to maximize their learning experience at Jigsaw. The support team strives to set expectations higher and higher every single day and they invest heavily in maintaining a close and personal relationship with each and every Jigsawite. You will see them encouraging students to complete assignments, get involved in dialogue and is with them till they finish the course, and become the confident and skilled data analysts and specialists they signed up to become.”

Let’s back our ‘showing off’ with some real data☺ and take a look at some first-hand feedback students have sent in about the support team.

“Very happy with the support team and the resolutions they are providing. They are very responsive.” Himanshu Mishra, Data Science with SAS

I appreciate the support team for being there all the time, especially Moses. He sorted out the access related issues even at 11 PM at night.” Chetan Arora, VBA

“The Support Team is just awesome, you write a query, have a problem in accessing remote desktop (lab sessions) their response time is real quick. From my experience with Jigsaw, if you want to learn ANALYTICS, learn from the EXPERTS at JIGSAW.” Roopa Kumari, HR Analytics

“Support team response is wonderful. My needs are immediately responded and catered to.”Biju Nair, Data Science with SAS

“The faculty and the technical support team are very good and really solve my issues as per the earliest. Good learning within a short span of time especially for students who have no prior knowledge in SAS.” Nayan Sharma, Data Science with SAS

So thanks and three cheers to the whole team-  Javad Jabbar, Vijay M, Irshad Khan, Chandan SR, Ramesh Babu, Shiva Shankari, Naseer Hashim, Syed Qurratulayn Yasin, Tessy Rajan,  Ajeena Chacko, Nuthan Jetty and Balaji VK. Keep up the great work!

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