Jigsaw Cafe: Spotlight on Team Member Vidya Siby

Vidya Siby, Administrator at Jigsaw Academy

Every month we feature one member of our team on the blog. Some of them you already know well, while some are the faces behind the scenes. Today we introduce Vidya Silby, our office administrator, who was one of Jigsaw’s first employees. If you walk into Jigsaw her brilliant smile will welcome you at the reception. Let’s find out more about what she does, what she likes and what her role at Jigsaw Academy entails.

Tell us about how and when you first began working at Jigsaw Academy

Gaurav’s friend, Maddy recommended me to Gaurav and that’s how I joined this company.I have been here for four years now. When I joined, there were only two other members in the team, other than Gaurav and Sarita.

Describe your role at Jigsaw

As an administrator, I interact with students to ensure they receive their course certificates. I also work with the support team and the creative team to coordinate the whole process for student certificates. From time to time I also work with the HR team, to coordinate various processes.

What do you love most about working at Jigsaw?

The best aspect of working here is that everyone is very friendly. Gaurav and Sarita are very supportive, too. Also, I learnt a whole lot of new things after joining here.

The company culture is great and that’s another thing I really enjoy. The founders are very friendly and open, because of which we get freedom to do things our way. It’s not a closed-environment like a corporate office, but a really nice office and atmosphere to work in.

What do you do in your free time? 

I try to spend most of my free time with my daughter. I also like to learn new things on the computer.

About the future…

I hope to continue working hard and explore new experiences, whenever I can. I’d like to work on some exciting projects and increase my interactions with more of the teams within Jigsaw.

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