Jigsaw Cafe: Spotlight on Team Member Moses Kola

 Moses Kola, 

Assistant  Manager, Program Management

The Jigsaw team consists of a bunch of very smart people and we are always proud to show them off and celebrate their work and commitment to their jobs. Today the spotlight is on one of our valuable team members, who most of our students know and love.  Thank you Moses Kola for keeping our students happy and for being a great person to have around the office. Your cheerful personality and solid work ethic is your strength and is one of the reasons Jigsaw is what it is today!

Tell us about how and when you first began working at Jigsaw Academy?

One of my former colleagues from Wipro, Nidhi Kohli, had joined Jigsaw Academy in December 2012. She referred me and I joined on 13th March 2013. When I started working here, there were just 3 more members, other than Gaurav and Sarita. I started working in the student support team. That was when we had 48 enrollments. Now we have 400 plus enrollments in a month. We sure have come a long way.

 What do you like best about working here?

The atmosphere and vibe around the office! Jigsaw is like a college, young, fresh minds, whose output is brilliant. We have fun at work, there is lots of laughter and so I don’t feel like I am working in a corporate. People here are very friendly, including the founders and because of that working in this office, under one roof, is a pleasure.

Interacting with the students is another great aspect of working here. I have learned good communication skills from them.

Because of Jigsaw I’ve also made many new friends. Quite a few old students have become good friends now.  

I truly am very proud that I am working in India’s number 1 Online Analytics Academy. Thanks to Gaurav and Sarita for giving me this great opportunity to work in Jigsaw, and also to my friend Nidhi, who helped me to get this job. I will always strive to make you all proud.  Its also my privilege to work under Manish, who is very understanding and good Manager

What do you do in your free time?

Since I enjoy talking to others, I spend a lot of my free time interacting with people. I also make it a point to spend quality time with my family whenever I get a chance.

Otherwise, I like surfing the net, writing song lyrics and learning new things

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