Jigsaw Launches New Placement Initiative

This has been an exciting week at Jigsaw Academy. As we began to wind up another successful analytics training course, our 42nd so far and began gearing up for the 43rd, beginning later this month, we also launched a new placement initiative.

, Jigsaw Launches New Placement Initiative

Jigsaw Academy is proud to be one of the pioneers in analytics training, not only in India, but all around the world. We offer training on the latest analytics techniques and tools using a case study approach with hands on work on real life large business datasets. Jigsaw students are based all over the world, and are focused on building careers in analytics and predictive modeling. Call them any one of the following, data scientists, business analysts or predictive modelers; it’s a known fact in the business world, that the demand for them is at an all time high. Every month scores of students and professionals successfully complete one of our analytics courses and go forth armed with analytics skills and techniques.

A few weeks ago, we hit upon the simple idea of connecting analytics recruiters with our students, and what better way to do so than create a portal, showcasing the CVs of our very best. Thus was born http://www.jigsawacademy.com/employers, a web page that analytics recruiters could visit. This was where they would find profiles and updated CVs of people trained by us, on the latest analytic tools and techniques including SAS, R and Hadoop. An added advantage is that our talent pool is spread out across the whole globe, including India, US, Singapore and Europe.

Though new, the success of this new initiative is already seeing results. As an Associate Vice President Recruitment of a large KPO recently commended us, “Thanks to Jigsaw Academy’s Talent Search page we found the kind of talent we were looking at. We hired 3 great achievers.”

As we look ahead and continuously strive to make the Jigsaw experience better for all our stakeholders, we look forward to building stronger bridges with the business community at large. Let us keep our common goal always in sight- that of building a savvy and professional community of analytics professionals, who will strive to bring big data to the centre of any and every important business decision.

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