Jigsaw Launching New HR Analytics Course


Jigsaw is thrilled to announce their new HR Analytics course launching on 26 January, 2014. It is designed for HR professionals of all levels who want to understand how to use data analytics to optimize HR processes.

The key focus areas of the HR analytics course are:

1. Learning to analyse any kind of HR data using statistical techniques, enabling smarter decisions.

2. Getting hands-on experience of working with HR data through 5 effective case studies on:

– Predicting employee attrition

– Measuring training effectiveness

– Calculating cost of human capital etc.

This course too has been developed by leading analytics experts and has all the usual Jigsaw advantages- flexibility, hands on practice on case studies, access to the virtual lab and 24×7 support from faculty.

Take a look at our course page for more information and to download the brochure. We are offering an attractive discount for a limited period, so hurry up and enrol.

And yes, please do attend the free Q and A session that the HR analytics course faculty Subhashini Tripathi is conducting on January 19th. To sign up click here.

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