Jigsaw Mentor Kiran P.V Contributes to DATA + DESIGN, an International Open-Source Book

We are proud to share that one of our Mentor’s Kiran P.V has contributed to the book Data + Design, a simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information. What’s awesome about this book is that it is a joint collaboration of more that 50 contributors from 14 different countries. It is a global endeavor to make information design more accessible. Kiran ‘s contribution is chapter 11 on Data Transformations. There he talks about how Data transformations can reveal hidden features and how when transformed, the data can be seen easier. He also explains how to choose the right transformation. The book is a great read for all those interested  in knowing how to present their data so that other people can understand it. 

Congrats Kiran. Jigsaw is proud of you! 

Take a look at the book here: infoactive.co/data-design.

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