Jigsaw Releases 2014 Salary Report for the India Analytics Industry

Data Shows that Salary More than Doubles from Entry Level Analyst to Manager

It is with great pride that we release our second consecutive salary report for the India Analytics Industry. After the overwhelming response we got to last year’s salary report, Team Jigsaw worked hard yet again to publish this report and give you data on salary trends in the analytics industry, as well as the burgeoning Big Data Industry. We hope the report will inform and inspire all those eager to gain analytics skills, as well as all those already in the industry. 

The report confirms that the data analytics industry in India is all fired up. As the year progresses, the country will continue to see a lot more data analytics start ups raise huge sums of money, big corporates will consolidate their data operations and multinationals will set up more data centres in India. The analytics job market will be more potent than it ever was.

The report also suggests that we will see a huge no of professionals from other sectors honing their analytics skills and switching careers. It also goes on to predict that 15 years from now, those professionals with no analytics and big data skills will have no scope for growth

Key Findings in the report: 
Predictions for the Analytics Industry in 2014:

  • There will be a greater demand for analytics training
  • Web and text analytics will be on the rise
  • Cloud based analytics tools will become mainstream
  • Analytics salaries will continue on their upward trajectory

Analytics Salary Report: 
Role and Years of Experience: 
Salary More than Doubles from Entry Level Analyst to Manager

  • In the field of data analytics, trends show that salary increments are higher than the average 10%.
  • Average entry level salaries have increased by 27% since 2013, from Rs. 520 thousand to Rs 660 thousand per annum.
  • Typically, there is a 250% increase in salary from entry level analyst to manager.

Analytics Organization salary comparison:  
Ecommerce Companies are the New Entrants who are Paying Well to Attract the Right Talent

  • Captive centres pay higher salaries in general.
  • Among the captives (such as BFSI, ecommerce and retail), BFSI offers the highest salaries.
  • Ecommerce companies are the new entrants. They are building their analytics capabilities and in a bid to get the right analytics talent, are willing to offer good salaries.

Citywide Comparison
Bangalore and Delhi/ NCR are the Hubs for Analytics Companies in India

  • Bangalore and Delhi/ NCR are the hubs for analytics jobs. They have the highest number of

analytics companies and analytics jobs with salaries in the range of Rs 11 hundred thousand.

  • The average analytics salary in India is 11.1 hundred thousand.

Analytics Tools Comparison
Hadoop is a Sought after Skill and Analysts who Have Expertise in SAS, R and Hadoop Command the Highest Salaries

  • There is almost a 10- 20% premium in salary for those who know SAS, R and Hadoop.

Key characteristics of the Big Data Industry in India are:

  • Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune are the hubs for Big Data in India and have the most number of open Big Data jobs.
  • Average salaries for Big Data professionals with Hadoop skills is Rs 13 hundred thousand per annum.
  • Most Big Data professionals are skilled in Hadoop and R, followed closely by Hadoop and SAS.

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