Jigsaw to Collaborate with Business Schools in Delivering a One Credit Analytics Course as Part of Their Regular Curriculum

Originally Published in PRWeb

Jigsaw Academy, a premier online analytics training academy has spent the last six months, visiting business schools across India, spreading awareness about analytics and the exciting and rewarding career options it opens up. They found that Business schools are only just waking up to the realization that data science and SAS skills are imperative for business graduates today.

The recent Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®) Corporate Recruiters Survey, revealed that top recruiters want their recruits to have strong data analytical skills. Hence it’s critical that business schools invest in delivering data science and integrated reasoning skill sets to their students. Though Business schools in India are extremely receptive and eager to empower their students with analytics skills, the fact of the matter is that by and large their in house analytics expertise is still nascent. Consequently they must look to collaborate with analytics experts on the outside.

Jigsaw Academy, with their impeccable track record and glowing endorsements offers a viable solution. Having been approached by business schools to work with them in developing and delivering an analytics one credit course, Jigsaw is excited to begin this new initiative.

“Analytics education is our forte. Extending our online training module into the Business school classroom would be an opportunity for us to equip business graduates with a wide depth of analytics skills, enabling them to digest and interpret huge volumes of data effectively in their work place.” says Gaurav Vohra, CEO and founder of Jigsaw Academy.

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