Jigsaw’s New Refer and Earn Program

One of the things we have noticed and appreciated most about our students at Jigsaw Academy, is that they are great brand ambassadors. World over we have students signing up for our courses and when asked, “What brought you to Jigsaw?” They say, “Well a friend recently did one of your courses and referred me here.”

These simple word-of-mouth recommendations has helped us grow, motivated us to be better, expand our offerings and meet our customer expectations.

Well, guess what, we have now launched a new referral program to say thanks for spreading the word. Let’s just explain more about the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. Simply put, for every referral you make to Jigsaw Academy that leads to a qualifying purchase of one of our courses, you will receive a referral bonus in the form of an Amazon gift card or a discount on a new course purchase at http://www.jigsawacademy.com . Do note that these referrals and qualifying purchases must be made through your unique referral code or link for you to qualify to receive your referral bonus.

Today we interview Jeevan who was enrolled in Jigsaw Academy’s Foundation course in SAS in Sept 2014. He is one of our first students to have won a referral bonus. Jeevan has opted to receive a Rs. 1500 Amazon gift voucher.

Jeevan congratulations on winning the referral bonus! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…

Hi. Well I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Rohtak and have close to 4 years of experience in IT. Last year, I decided to join Jigsaw and get skilled in analytics, for the learning experience and its exciting future prospects.

What prompted you to get skilled in Data Analytics?
I come from an IT background and during my days working in marketing research, I found that developing my skill set in data analytics could help me immensely. Slicing and dicing data helps to unveil previously hidden patterns and insights and could help me come up with innovative ideas and solutions to business problems.

What do you think is the differentiating factor between Jigsaw Academy’s program and other programs?

Jigsaw academy delivers a good combination of theoretical knowledge in statistics and hands on experience in coding in SAS. It provides excellent backup from a dedicated tech support and faculty support. The lab facilities are glitch free and accessible from anywhere.

How do you think the Jigsaw Academy program will help you in your career?

Apart from the theoretical knowledge of statistics frameworks and hands on coding assignments, Jigsaw academy also provides a case study per module and working on them preps you up for real world business scenarios. Having these skills is an asset today, especially seeing that analytics is being deployed aggressively in so many companies and sectors. I hope that having these skills will give me a boost as I go forward in my career.

Let’s talk about the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. What motivated you to refer your friends or colleagues?

My friend was working as an equity researcher and I thought he could benefit from a deeper understanding of analytics. I was quite excited to know about Jigsaw Academy’s ‘Refer and Earn’ program and wanted to try it out. I recommended my friend and was so thrilled when I got an email confirming that he had signed up. I had the option of an amazon gift voucher or a discount coupon for a Jigsaw course and I chose the first option.

Do you have any advice for our current and future Jigsawites?

My advice would be to use the forum more effectively. There are complex topics we tackle and utilizing the faculty support and the peer learning option in the forum can help you reach your destination faster.

Thanks Jeevan and all the best to you in your analytics career.

For those of you who would like to recommend your friends to Jigsaw Academy here is a snap shot of how the ‘Refer and Earn’ program works:

1. Refer and invite as many of your friends through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or by using your unique referral code or link.

2. Once your referral makes a qualifying purchase and the course fee payment is successfully transferred to us, your referral bonus, a discount on a Jigsaw Academy course or an Amazon gift card, will be sent to the email ID you used when referring your contacts.

3. Your referral bonus will be sent to you after we verify that your referral remains a Jigsaw student for at least 30 days and he/she did not seek a refund under our 15 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee policy.

4. Enjoy your referral bonus. Either take a data analytics course with us at Jigsaw Academy to further your career opportunities or use your gift card to enjoy a free shopping spree on us!

5. See our Terms and Conditions for more details, such as how to calculate the value of your referral bonus. For any questions please contact us at info@jigsawacademy.com.

Thanks to Jayanthi Manikandan for helping with this article.

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