Jigsaw’s Report on Niche Analytics Companies

Jigsaw Academy is proud to present you with the first ever report on Niche Analytics Companies in India. This report takes you inside two renowned Niche Companies, Gramener and Marketelligent that are doing some great work in the analytics space.

Niche analytics companies are essentially companies (mostly small and mid-size) that focus on providing analytics expertise to businesses around the world. Growth opportunities are abundant in such companies, with salaries that average at 4.5 lakhs at entry level and go up to 16 lakhs for director level (10+ years of experience).

“With data analytics booming world over, India too has become a major player in the analytics industry. Niche analytics companies are mushrooming in India and are fast attracting some of the best analytics talent there is. This report is an attempt to make people aware of the type of work niche analytics companies do and the kind of interesting career options they offer. In this report we have gone in depth and personal with two successful niche companies, with the hope that by reading about the exciting and challenging work environment they offer, many will be inspired to gain some analytic skills and become a part of the analytics boom.” Says Gaurav Vohra, CEO Jigsaw Academy in the report.

The report will take you through a profile of the founders, how the companies were founded and where they are headed, their hiring strategies, as well as some examples of projects/innovations they work on. You will also be privy to some valuable insights from these experienced analytics experts.

You will also find that the report includes two very interesting interviews with Kathirmani Sukumar and Eliza Matthen, data scientists in Gramener and Marketeligent respectively, who talk about how they first began a career in this field, the most exciting thing about their jobs and their predictions for the future of analytics. These young data scientists also take us through a typical day in their lives.

To access a free copy of the report please go to http://www.jigsawacademy.com/resources-ebooks

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