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Sarita Digumarti talks about why HR managers need to develop HR Analytics skills in a recent issue of the HR Strategy and Planning- Excellence Essentials, a publication that  helps educate HR departments on trends in strategic planning and analytics, analyzing resource utilization, forecasting capacity, and managing human resources. This publication is distributed to over 200,000 HR professionals.

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HR Analytics- an Important Skill 

It’s been a few years now since organizations have begun to get serious about collecting and using their data at hand. They collect and store ever cumulating data on every aspect of their business. But what about Human Capital data? Data pertaining to an organization’s most valuable asset? Do top Management and HR managers know that there is value in using employee data to improve the HR function? Well studies show that though they are aware of the advantages of analytics in HR, unfortunately many of them are not sure how exactly to actually implement HR analytics initiatives so as to improve the bottom line.

Before an organization even thinks of using HR analytics to improve its workforce however, it needs to ensure that the human resources department’s goals are well aligned with the rest of the organization and that HR managers are involved in broader strategy planning and formulation. The reality is that the top management often find it difficult to establish business linkages to HR initiatives. By using HR analytics, managers can create a single view of all relevant workforce and other HR related data and use it to make business decisions that drive business processes and initiatives and improve profitability.

Some of the key areas where workforce related data driven analytics can be used are:

  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Attrition
  • Headcount Management and Workforce Optimization
  • Optimize Compensation and Benefits
  • Build Leadership
  • Performance and Career Management
  • Training and Development

With data analytics really gaining momentum, it’s no wonder that top companies are increasingly expecting their new recruits to showcase some analytics skills. As more HR managers also join the analytics movement, not only are they recruiting data scientists but they also expect their managers to have a clear understanding of business problems and analytics tools and techniques. So just how can you be prepared and where can you go to get trained in HR analytics? Well here are a list of grad schools and institutes that offer courses in analytics specifically for HR professionals or for those who want to become HR analysts:

1.eCornell – ILR School, Cornell University, HR Analytics for Business Decisions

Duration:  Six  2-week courses
Cost: approximately $ 3,600

2. HCI – Human Capital Institute, Building Meaningful Analytics

Duration: One day
Cost: $ 995

3. Jigsaw Academy , HR Analytics Course

Duration: 16 Weeks
Cost: 24,000 INR within India
$ 550 outside India

As a HR professional, if you want a fact paced career path, you absolutely need to have analytics skills. Not only will you be surprised at the jump in remuneration it will give you but you will also love the challenge of looking at data, telling stories and making decisions that will positively impact your workforce and in turn make your organization more profitable.

Interested in a career in HR analytics? Check out Jigsaw Academy’s HR Analytics course.

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