Jyotika Gives Her Career A Boost with Jigsaw Academy’s Machine Learning & AI program!

The rapid changes brought on by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence across various industries in the past few years have left everyone overwhelmed. While the application of AI is quite evident in self-driving cars, bot busboys, and humanoid robots, there are several other use cases of Artificial Intelligence that happen every day in front of our eyes, but we miss to register. 

The prevalence of Machine Learning and AI has not only made our lives easier but also presented newer career opportunities. Recent technologies, like voice assistance, facial recognition, and speech recognition, among others, have advanced tremendously over the years. It might seem like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making the systems smarter without human intervention, but in reality, the process of making a system intelligent with the help of AI & ML requires a lot of human effort.

According to a study by the stateof.ai website, 25% of the top-20 fastest-growing GitHub projects in Quarter 2 of 2020 concern Machine Learning infrastructure, tooling, and operations. Not only this but Google Search traffic for MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) is now on an uptick for the first time. The rise of Machine Learning Operations signals an industry shift from technology Research and Development to Operations. It means that enterprises are focusing more on the application side of it (how to run models) than the development (how to build models). No wonder the demand for skilled talent in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is skyrocketing. 

This is the perfect opportunity for upskilling in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Several learners found their calling in Machine Learning and AI and have taken a huge career leap. 

Jyotika Dash, Senior Manager at Jana Small Finance Bank, and a learner of our Full Stack Machine Learning and AI (FSMLAI) program got a great opportunity to give her career a big boost amidst the global pandemic through Machine Learning & AI. Jyotika, who comes from a Statistics and Data Science background, has been in the workforce for more than 5 years. But, only industry experience is not enough in today’s time if you seek professional success. The fast-paced technological advancements make yesterday’s skills redundant, and there’s a constant need to stay relevant and updated. Jyotika felt the same in her professional journey and chose to upskill in Jigsaw Academy’s Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program, a self-paced online course.

In this conversation with Jyotika, she talks about her experience with Jigsaw Academy’s Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program. She reveals how excited she is for this new chapter in her professional career. Let’s hear what she has to say!

1. What made you consider upskilling in the Machine Learning & AI domain?

Upskilling is something that every professional should consider, regardless of their domain and industry in today’s time. I chose to study Mathematics & Statistics, later on, made a career in the Analytics domain and have been working in this space for more than 5 years. However, a lot has changed in terms of technologies and tools that I had learned during my graduation and postgraduation. I always had the zeal to keep myself updated, hence, I enrolled with Jigsaw Academy’s Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program to keep abreast of newer additions to industry practices.

2. What are the highlights of your upskilling journey with us?

My upskilling journey was seamless. I received full support from the team, which is why I was able to get this incredible job opportunity. Since this program is self-paced, I was able to learn on my own with the help of the video lectures. I was looking for a program that could help me enhance my skills and could complement my existing knowledge, and this program turned out to be exactly what I needed!

3. How relevant is our Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program?

Since I already had knowledge and experience in the Analytics domain, I found the program to be relevant to my needs. As a mid-career professional, this program helped me bridge the knowledge gap and familiarized me with the recent industry trends.

4. How was your experience with this self-paced online program?

The learning platform provided by Jigsaw Academy is incredible. The Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program is efficient and concise and turns broader concepts into small consumable knowledge bites. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from videos, in which the expert faculty elaborates on specific topics in the best possible way and touches upon the finer points as well. The lectures are prepared in such a way that one would find answers to all their queries in the videos itself.

5. Would you recommend Jigsaw Academy’s Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program to your friends? Why?

Today, learners from several fields are looking forward to learning analytics & data science as it offers lucrative career opportunities. I would recommend this program to all those learners, especially mid-career professionals who wish to accelerate their career growth, as this program helped me do just that. Since this is an online self-paced program, I would advise learners to be diligent and finish the course on time, and it will surely help them transition into better job roles.

6. How has the FSMLAI program helped you grow/transition in your professional journey?

I must mention Jigsaw Academy’s Placement Support Team, which is very active. Their Support Team ensures that when learners join their programs, they get the best placement opportunities according to their knowledge and performance. It was our combined effort that took my career to the next level and helped me get my dream job during this uncertain COVID situation, where we hear the news of new layoffs every other day.

Machine Learning and AI domains are full of potential. Learners from various fields are stepping into the data science verticals to enjoy leadership roles with high remuneration, which gives them the responsibility and liberty to drive businesses towards growth. If you are also interested in accelerating your career with the help of Machine Learning & AI, then our Full Stack Machine Learning & AI Program would be the best!

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