Kurt Thearling’s Site on Analytics

Kurt Thearling’s website is an excellent place to start off if you want to learn about data mining.Kurt is a veteran in the analytics space with extensive experience in some of the leading analytic companies in the world like Capital One, Dun & Bradstreet and Vertex. Kurt is one of the thought leaders in this space and has authored several books on analytics.

Though the blog (its more like a website) does not get updated frequently, it is a treasure trove of interesting information. Kurt has written a series of articles/papers that cover topics ranging from the basics of data mining to advanced domain-specific techniques. His articles are written in a clear and concise manner and are easy to understand for beginners as well.

Here is a very informative article that provides a description of some of the widely used data mining algorithms like regression, clustering, trees and association rules.

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This article is the latest in the series of articles covering the most popular blogs on analytics.

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